Question of the day.

What small change could the world make to become a better place tomorrow?

My answer:

People could make sure to get some proper, good quality, long sleep tonight. A lot of people don’t get much sleep around the start of the new year, so if they finally did catch up on their lost sleep tonight, tomorrow we’d have less car accidents, and many other types of accidents, more happier people, smarter people, and people’s immune system would work better.

Your turn. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Ohhhh, great answer!! I totally approve. I cringe when I hear that most people get, like, seven hours a night. How does anyone get by on that?!

    Hmm…. what change would I recommend… I don’t know… hmm…. I’m not good at thinking large-scale or sociologically. (Is that a word?) I guess I’d urge everyone to choose one person–any person–to whom they can express their gratitude at having that person in their life. In fact… OHHH!! It should be a holiday. Day of Gratitude, not where we exchange gifts, but where we send cards to express gratitude for having the person in our lives, or we do a kindness for them, etc., etc.

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    1. I don’t thinik 7 hours of sleep is that bad, but it surely depends on one’s brain, I don’t think there’s really an objective amount of sleep that is good for everyone. I just think we all should get as much sleep as our bodies and brains need and that could help with some things.
      Oh yeah, that’s such a great idea! I’d love such a holiday! 🙂 And it could actually do a fair bit of good in a grand scheme of things when people would feel more appreciated, because they’d be motivated to keep on doing the good things they do and that people appreciate them for.

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  2. Some of us would give an arm.or leg to even get 4 hours solid sleep but cannot due to insomnia. We do not want to be tired or less smart,those are just side effects of insomnia and broken sleep.

    As for what would make the world a better place…empathy. There is so little of it and it creates disharmony and fear and hatred. If well meaning people just took a moment to put themselves in another’s shoes before judging or reacting…that would be a step in the right direction.

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    1. I know, I wasn’t saying it to people who struggle with insomnia, or at least not in the first place for sure, as I deal with it as well as various other sleep issues myself and sleep is all over the place for me a lot of the time, so I know well what it’s like and that you cannot always sleep whenever you feel like it. What I mean is more like, if you can sleep, don’t deprive yourself of it and get as much as you can, because as someone who struggles with sleep in general, I can appreciate its value and I want people to do so too. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.
      Completely agree regarding empathy! 🙂

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