Question of the day.

Would you rather be hated, or forgotten?

My answer:

Definitely forgotten! Much less hassle in life. If I were hated, people would presumably want to express their hatred somehow and I might have been in a lot of trouble when all the people I know were to suddenly manifest their hatred to me in some active ways. If I were forgotten, I just wouldn’t have to deal with the ones who forgot about me. And if they forgot about me, they probably wouldn’t be worth being remembered by me either. 😀 Of course it would be sad to just be forgotten by everyone like that, but I think my tolerance for aloneness, or even loneliness, and being invisible for my surroundings is better than for straightforward hatred, so I could manage it better.

How about you? 🙂

12 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Oh, I want to be hated. Woe betide anyone who crosses me, as they must suffer my undying wrath forevermore!! 😀 I have a long list of enemies, and I want them all to squirm when they think of me. For example… hmm… there was this guy I grew up with and went to high school and church with. He graduated in my class. His name is Sam. I sought out some ministry from him because he’s a minister now. He pretended to be mediating things between me and my youth group to help me get invited on the youth reunion retreat, but he was scheming behind my back the whole time. And I told him about my comfort in the presence of Jesus, who I said often holds me in his arms in the astral plane while seated in a throne. He scoffed and said, “Meg, Jesus isn’t just your astral hugger. That’s offensive and minimizing.” And after that, I lost my image of Jesus and still struggle to retain it.

    I put a curse on his family. I told him that if he and his wife had a third child, the child would be born a psychopath. That didn’t go over well, but I don’t think he’ll ever forget it. No third kid yet.

    Sorry to give such an angry response! 😀

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      1. So do I! Oh my gosh, I can be so mean! I’m mad at myself for it. Mostly I’m just conflicted all the time about stuff like that. I want to be a good person, but I have A LOT of anger and mistrust (in this case, the mistrust was vastly warranted). I guess I’m just glad that I have better people in my life now, because Sam was NOT a good person to know. But I have a long series of past lives with him which came to me in a dream. Interesting. So he and I have some karma.

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  2. Hated,for sure. People have taken instant dislike to me all my life for no reason other than I am different and express myself with my own style,my own beliefs,and my determination to be true to myself. Hating me for those reasons says more negative about them than me. But hey,if I got under their skin and they remember me with hatred,at least I left my unique mark.

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