Question of the day (27th December).

Do you think there is a god?

My answer:

Quite obviously I guess for anyone who knows me at least a bit, yes, I do believe there is a god. More exactly, I am a Christian and a Catholic, so I believe that there is only one God who at the same time is three Persons – the Father, His only Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit – is almighty, eternal, perfect, just, forgiving and of endless mercy. He has created the world. He loves all of His creation, but especially us humans whom He has created in His image and likeness, by giving us immortal souls. He is our Lord but at the same time we have the privilege to call ourselves His children and He cares for each of us as His most beloved child. I believe that God in the Person of the Son came down on Earth to become a human just like all of us except not sinful, and save us from our sins (which is why we celebrate Christmas, by the way, but I suppose everyone who celebrates it knows about it). He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit in the womb of the Virgin Mary who agreed to become His Mother. He was crucified and gave His life for all of us. He was buried, but on the third day after His death he rose from His grave, later ascending into Heaven which was witnessed by His Apostles. He will come again on the day of the final judgment and will judge us all fairly and mercifully. During His life on Earth, He said to His Apostles that after His ascension, the Father will send Holy Spirit to them in His Name, as a comforter, who came onto them in the form of fiery tongues, and who has the power to inspire us all in our daily lives.

So yeah, if you’re familiar with Christian beliefs, which I suppose a lot of people are even if they aren’t Christian themselves because this religion is so widespread and kind of rooted in our western culture, this is probably all or almost all known to you and very basic stuff about the Christian faith. Obviously it’s just God in a nutshell, as there is so much more that could be said about Him.

How about you? If you do think there is a god, what do you believe him/it to be like, and is it just your own personal belief or do you identify with some specific religion, or maybe you are somewhere in between? ๐Ÿ™‚

7 thoughts on “Question of the day (27th December).”

  1. I’m open to the idea that there is a God. If I were to go down that path at some point, I very much doubt that I’d do it through organized religion.

    One thing I’d be curious about, not that there’s any way to actually know, is how to reconcile the different Gods that different faith traditions talk about. And if the God of Abraham is the one true God, why is he saying somewhat different things to Christians, Jews, and Muslims? It would be interesting if there was somehow a way to know for sure.

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    1. While I think the different gods thing and the fact that different religions see God differently and that He seems to be saying different things to them is very much a thing of our different interpretations, or that different people have different paths of getting to Him that somehow depend on their cultural background and a ton of other things, it would indeed be very interesting to know this for sure and it’s generally quite an intriguing field.

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  2. This is definitely interesting! I knew this, of course, but still it’s good to read. I’m a Christian too, though I’m only very new to truly believing and haven’t been clear on what type of Christian I am. Most likely some type of evangelical protestant, although I’m relatively progressive at least for a Christian where it comes to traditional values like marriage, sexuality, end-of-life stuff, etc.

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    1. I would think when someone comes to God at a later stage in their life, not as a child or adolescent when their brain and some overall idea of the world is still forming, it must take some time to figure out where on the whole Christian spectrum you are and which denomination, if any, you feel closest to with your beliefs. I hope you can figure it out over time and that it’ll give you some sense of belonging in the Christian community if you need that, as a lot of people do. ๐Ÿ™‚

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