Question of the day (16th December).

What is a miracle that happens every day?

My answer:

I can’t really think of many literal miracles that would be happening around me as frequently as every day, and I do think it’s this kind of word which loses a lot of its meaning when used metaphorically too often. My first thought when trying to answer this question was: the fact that I’m using an iPhone. πŸ˜€ This really feels a bit like a miracle, and not even all that metaphorical, as I and people around me all had had quite a lot of doubts and it might have just as well not have worked out. But it did, and I’m so glad about it! But looking at it from a more serious angle, being a Christian, and particularly a Catholic, the answer to this question is really easy to find, only we often tend to underappreciate this miracle we get to witness so often, just because we see it so often and it’s so everyday, but also so difficult to grasp, unless you have some real grace to be able to do it. I am talking about transsubstantiation, which, in case you’re not familiar with this term, means that we Catholics believe that, in Eucharistic prayer during every Holy Mass, thanks to the action of Holy Spirit, the consecrated bread and wine change into Body and Blood of Christ. It definitely is a miracle as it is, like most things to do with faith, the kind of thing you just cannot explain logically and scientifically, and that’s the case with miracles, only just like I said we see it take place so often that it’s often difficult to really see it this way without really trying, and moreover to believe in it. Or at least that’s the experience I and some people I know have had. In any case, this is a great miracle and I am very grateful for it every time it happens in front of me and try to see it for what it is.

What’s such a miracle for you? Do you see any miracles at all around you? Do you actually believe in miracles that they ever happen? πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Question of the day (16th December).”

    1. I can see how miracles would be quite a pointless idea for atheists, and it doesn’t surprise me at all that as a non-Catholic you find the transsubstantiation idea odd, I am sure it would be super odd for me if I wouldn’t be Catholic since it’s impossible to understand logically.

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  1. I love miracles!! They’re my favorite thing! (Wait, no, that’s rainbows.) But miracles make me so happy!! I find it miraculous when life goes well, I get stuff done, work toward my goals, and don’t have any issues. I probably see this as miraculous in part because it doesn’t take much to derail me. I often know what to avoid, but still, stuff happens. So whenever life’s going great, I believe it’s a miracle!!

    Hmm…. daily miracles… the rise of the sun and moon! The tilt of the planet! All things we see and have!

    (It’s fabulous that I’m so high right now, but we’re coming into January here, and that worries me. A lot. Oh well.)

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    1. Oh really? It’s interesting to me that you haven’t heard about transsubstantiation as I’ve always considered it quite an universally known thing even though I guess it’s only Catholics, Orthodox Christians and Anglicans who believe in it. I just explained it for formality’s case but didn’t think someone wouldn’t be familiar with the concept, probably only because it’s so familiar to me. I do think it’s interesting, too. πŸ™‚

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  2. Considering my mental issues and all the rotten things that have happened the last couple of months…I consider being able to get out of bed every day a miracle. Too many people wake up in special hospital wards because life kicked them one too many times. I.consider it a miracle,anyway.

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