Song of the day (11th December) – The Gentle Good – “Ruins/Adfeilion”.

Hey people! πŸ™‚

I’d like to share with you my favourite piece of music from this Welsh artist. The Gentle Good is the name of a project by Gareth Bonello. As you may or may not figure out, its name comes from the etymology of both his name and his last name (the meaning of the name Gareth isn’t known for sure, but it’s supposed to come from the Welsh gwaredd meaning “gentleness, while Bonello apparently comes from the Latin bonum meaning “good”). This particular piece is instrumental, however he is also a singer.

I have no idea what was his inspiration behind this piece, but to me… it just makes my imagination work…! Since I heard it for the first time, whenever I listen to it I always have a pretty clear imagery, almost like some short story, or at least a material for one, a sort of picture that this piece makes me think of. When I hear it I imagine a house on or near a cliff, not too big one but quite impressive nevertheless and very stylish and with a kind of gothic look but inside of it it’s not scary at all. And I always imagine that there lives a big family, with lots of children, mostly teenage or thereabouts. They like to spend a lot of time together, they have a lot of nature around them and a huge garden. They are all very musical, and the mum of the family often reads books to everyone in the living room. It just shows that they’re having lots of fun with each other and love being in each others’ company and there’s such a friendly feel about this place. But one day something scary happens, I don’t know what, and they all die and their house is no longer there, there were just ruins as in the title. And people would come up there and look at this house and think about them, and remember they were like. I think this is a fun imagery and I like music which makes my brain creative like that and evokes some sort of ideas. Does this piece make you think of something in particular?

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