Question of the day (11th December).

What’s the difference between living and existing?

My answer:

None, or not a big one, in my opinion. They’re just synonyms which essentially mean the same. I think the only difference that could be there is kind of colloquial or emotional, that we often say existence is a life without a purpose or not a very interesting one. It’s also very subjective because purpose in life is also quite a subjective thing, I guess. What may be a meaningless existence to one person may be a beautiful, full life for another and vice versa. I’d think it depends on how you feel about your own life, feel free to call it the way you want.

What do you think? 🙂

8 thoughts on “Question of the day (11th December).”

  1. I’d say living means you’re currently alive in an incarnation on Earth or elsewhere (other universes, etc.). I’m alive right now because I’m here as Meg. Existing is all the time, though, while you’re alive (at present) and between lives, when you’re in the spirit world regrouping and hanging out and planning your next big thing. Living ends at death, but existence doesn’t.

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