Question of the day (8th December).

Would you rather be a math prodigy or an author of a popular book?

My answer:

I’m all for the latter. I have no math skills but I can’t really imagine myself having them and don’t know what I’d do with that because I also have no interest in math and there are so many more interesting things. The only thing it could help me with is passing my math final which I failed but I don’t need to be as much as a prodigy for just that. While writing a book, and for it to become popular, that would be super cool!

How about you? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Question of the day (8th December).”

  1. I’m both!! YAY! Except that my math abilities don’t go all the way to calculus (I’m a whiz at algebra, and I’m pretty good at trigonometry and other maths) and my books aren’t that popular. I think we all know that I’d love for my books to be more popular rather than for me to be better at math! I have high hopes that my book(s) will be popular one day!! Here’s hoping!!

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