Question of the day (6th December).

Would you rather work in an animal rescue or search and rescue? Does your passion for animals/faith in humanity change your answer?

My answer:

I don’t think I’d be suited for either job, but purely hypothetically I’m fairly sure I’d choose search and rescue. I think it could be more interesting for me and also if anything, I feel like I’d be able to help people more than animals. But I suppose it would also be more emotionally engaging, although surely both these jobs are, and I’m not sure I’d always be able to cope with that, even assuming that there were no other reasons why search and rescue might not be the ideal job for me. Is it because of my faith in humanity? I don’t think I have such a thing as faith in humanity. Not because I am that cynical and think that people are all evil, but it’s somehow difficult for me to look at people, as different as they are, as one whole humanity thing and say if I believe in all of them or don’t believe in all of them. We’re all individuals. And taking it totally literally, I believe in God, not in people. ๐Ÿ˜€ I believe some people are worth believing in, some maybe not, but neither group of people makes me believe or not believe in people as a whole. So I’d rather steer clear of such big and beautiful-sounding, but (at least) to me, not saying much statements like “I believe in humanity”. So no, my faith in humanity doesn’t influence my answer. I just think people are deserving help if they need it and I find people interesting.

You? Would you actually seriously consider working in either of these jobs? ๐Ÿ™‚

4 thoughts on “Question of the day (6th December).”

  1. I’m 0% qualified for search and rescue. Volunteers for my local search and rescue have to be really fit and highly skilled in mountaineering, and I’m neither of those things.

    I volunteered for the local animal shelter about 15 years ago doing dog-walking. The dogs were pretty energetic, so I felt like they were walking me more than the other way around. I liked doing that, but then I moved and it became inconveniently far away.

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  2. I’d be dreadful at either, but in theory if we’re being imaginative, I’d love to do search and rescue. Who wouldn’t? The thrill of giving your loyal dog a scent and then running with the dog as he chases the lead!!

    Whenever I’m outside with LuLuLu and we happen upon my dad, I’ll release LuLu’s leash and say, “Go to Codger, go to Codger,” or, “Look, you found Codger! Go get him!” And she’ll run toward him and he’ll scramble to grab her leash and I’ll smother her with praise for being such a good search doggie!! Aww, I love my LuLuLu.

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