Jack Hughes ft. Maya Scott – “Selfless”.

Hey people! 🙂

Continuing yesterday’s thread of my would-be fazas named Jack from this year, today I’m introducing to you Jack Hughes. I know sweet nothing about the guy, because he doesn’t appear overly well-known and there are too many Jacks Hughes to sift through and find anything about one particular not well-known one. He has only three songs on Spotify which I all like. He has a nice voice timbre and his songs are good, but I had three problems with him when I came across him and evaluated him to be my potential new faza object. Too normal (of course). I know nothing about him, and just like I said earlier, it’s hard to develop a faza when you know nothing about your faza object, right? And last, but not least, while I do like his voice, he has such weird mannerisms when singing, uh… Since he’s not the only one and I’ve heard people singing like this a lot – I’m sure you’ll realise that  you have to, if you’ll pick up on this here – I call that poop sing, because when I was little such a way of singing sounded to me like the person doing it was trying to sing while sitting on the toilet and pooping. Because Jack’s generally so cool, it’s not much of a problem when listening him for a while, but I tend to listen to my faza objects’ music A LOT especially when having a faza peak, and I’m sure it would get old and annoying very quickly, or else it would make me laugh. Or maybe I’m exaggerating? Lemme know what you think, maybe I am judging Jack too harshly…

In any case, this is a nice song, and Maya Scott with whom he’s singing it sounds really good too. 🙂


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