Question of the day.

What would be your perfect weekend?

My answer:

I don’t really think I have any high demands. I’ll be satisfied if it wasn’t too stressful and overwhelming, and I could do things I enjoy. I really don’t need a lot of adrenaline or anything like that to have a good weekend, though sometimes it can be a good thing if it’s a good kind of adrenaline, so to say. Weekend is typically my least favourite part of the week, but still I mostly like the way mine usually are.

You? šŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. There’s not much difference between days of the week, but I dislike Sunday because my dad’s game shows and radio shows aren’t on, and my mom had dimanchophobia, and I picked up on it a lot. Before I was taking Prozac for pure-O, my mind would go bonkers on Sunday with thoughts like, “Something isn’t right… but what? I know something isn’t quite right…” And then I’d dissolve into complete irrationality via a means that I can’t even pinpoint. God bless Prozac. These days the anxiety is only mildly felt on Sundays. But anyway, the perfect weekend would be two days of productivity and rest and meaningful interactions, I guess!! YAY for happy times!!

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      1. I had to look up the word, assuming that’s the proper term for it!! They always gave her a feeling of dread, I think due to the upcoming week, but I’m not sure!!

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