Question of the day (16th November).

What’s your favourite number?

My answer:

I don’t have any at all. I generally have an aversion to numbers and was diagnosed with dyscalculia, and they don’t really mean much to me, they could just as well not exist. My Sofi is constantly very undecided and she always asks us, but especially me as I spend most time with her during activities which she has a hard time deciding on something while doing them, “Give me a number from 1 to 8” or things like that. This always drives my family nuts because they can’t understand how she can’t make the simplest decision which of the three outfits she should choose and then when you choose the number that she has assigned to the particular thing she’s not satisfied with it anyway, reorders them or excludes that thing and asks you again, and the show goes on and on until Sofi realises that actually there’s only one thing she likes out of all the things she can choose from. If she thinks afterwards that the choice she made based on the number was wrong, she will blame you. That’s what you call a manipulator. 😀 While I can understand inability to make decisions as that sometimes happens to me too although usually not as often and with as simple things, what drives me nuts in this is that it’s simply annoying because I just don’t do numbers and I have a hard time understanding the whole thing. If I have a problem making a decision, the last thing I need is coming up with – or even having someone come up for me – with a random number. 😀 But when she asks me and I’m having enough patience at the moment to actually give it any thought, I usually say five if it is possible. Reason? Just because it kinda sounds good in Polish. Not the actual Polish word for five –
“pięć” – but a dialect variation “pińć”. I just really like the sound of it. It always used to make me laugh as a kid (my gran always says so and a lot of older people I know) and I still find it funny and in a way cute. Or any other number that contains “pińć” if it is an option, or if it isn’t an option I don’t say anything. She always knows I will always say pińć, and I guess this alone sort of helps her to make the decision more independently because before I say pińć she’ll make sure that the fifth thing is at least remotely satisfiable for her. So when she asks me I say, in a very grumpy, bored voice, or sometimes just automatically, or I yell at her if I’m frustrated: “Pińć!” Now, thanks to Apple, their iPhones, family cloud, VoiceOver and some decision app, after Sofi and later I got ourselves iPhones and I set up a family cloud for us which is the only way Mum allows Sofi to use her phone for anything other than calling, texting and taking photos, we hear a bit less of that dreaded question, because Sofi installed some app on her phone that helps her make those big outfit decisions. Thank you, Apple! 😀 One day during holidays she even made it decide about what she was going to do at what time during the day, what she should eat for breakfast etc. and considered that a lot of fun and that it was like some YouTubers she watches who sometimes ask their viewers on Instagram or somewhere to decide what they’re going to do, so it made her feel like an influencer.

How about you? Do you have a favourite at all? 🙂

13 thoughts on “Question of the day (16th November).”

    1. Oh yeah, originally I also wanted to write about 13, because I tend to like things that no one does so it instantly has some more appeal to me than other numbers, but I figured I still don’t like it enough to consider it as much as my favourite number.

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  1. Oh my gosh, your sister is so adorable!! 😀 What a cute girl she is who can’t pick an outfit! 😀

    My favorite number is 5:10 on the clock every early evening. It’s because my birthday’s May 10th. Whenever I see that it’s 5:10 o’clock, I take a moment to feel special and honor myself. I also like how they’re multiples of each other, and I pick up on it when the weatherman says that the wind’s blowing five to ten miles per hour, and that sort of thing. It probably goes without saying that I’m almost never awake at 5:10 in the morning, nor would I want to be! 😮 Yikes.

    When I’m playing Bingo, my lucky number is 1, because when you say the letter B before it (1 is in the B-column), it’s B-1, which sounds like “be one” like be one with the universe, or something.

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  2. I think I have that discalculia thing too, as most math I just don’t get. I guess my favorite number is 23, because my birthday is on the 23rd, and my wedding anniversary is on the 23rd (of another month and year) I do like seeing certain numbers on the clock, like the times when my girls were born, or when the clock shows 12:34, or 11:11. 🙂

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    1. Yeah, math is so freakishly nonsensical to me.
      It’s nice that you have such a number that is so significant for you. 🙂
      Interesting that, judging from the comments, it seems like a lot of people have their favourite numbers based on dates of some positive events in their lives, I think I didn’t realise that it may be such a common thing until I wrote this post and read people’s comments, as it’s not something I can relate to. 😀 It makes total sense though.

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