Ten Things of Thankful – #TToT. –

Today, after a long time of not doing this, I’m linking up with

Ten Things of Thankful

to list some things I’m grateful for, as a sort of follow-up to my earlier post about ways of showing gratitude.

Here’s the list of things I’m thankful for.

  1.    That we are all in good health, me and my family. I think that’s a huge thing to be grateful for any time. I’m not just talking Covid, but this, of course, too. It’s one of these things you typically only start to appreciate when something goes really wrong, so I’m trying to be grateful in advance.
  2. My room. It’s my recharge place and a place I feel very strongly emotionally attached to so I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my own room. Especially that mine is really beautiful, cosy and Mishful. I got to particularly appreciate it yesterday when Sofi was having a party that I mentioned earlier today, but Misha and I could just lock ourselves here and be oblivious to all that.
  3. Great music and interesting books! I always make sure I’m not short on either and both these things are of tremendous importance for me every single week, making my life richer. Right now, I am listening especially much to Enya’s music – Enya was my very first major faza (or music fascination) and even though she’s more in the background now, still, every year, when it gets colder outside, I feel like listening to a lot of her music. –
  4. Everything to do with MIMRA (My Inner MishMash Readership Award). That I am able to do MIMRAs, that I have my Mum to help me out with them, as she always helps a lot and although she’s not my reader she probably deserves a MIMRA herself 😀 that I have my loyal and supportive blog readers, that I have some cool ideas for MIMRA this year (although it all still needs to be polished)… There’s so much to be grateful for about MIMRA.
  5. Kefir! A lot of people who aren’t really as huge fans of kefir as I am but do drink it sometimes might argue that it’s a distinctly summery drink. Well I drink it all year round and this week I’ve been drinking tons of it.
  6. My Mum yet again! For all the other things beyond MIMRA she does for me. I feel really grateful that we have such strong relationship and can talk about lots of things, and also that we have relatively similar views on a lot of things – would be difficult otherwise living together, so it’s really a big plus. –
  7. That we’ve been having pretty good weather this week. Today’s especially nice and sunny out there.
  8. My iPhone and all the stuff I can do with it that I couldn’t before I got it, and that I’ve learnt to use it despite the touchscreen challenges well enough. This week, I’m especially grateful for being able to play BitLife when I had not much constructive stuff to do, especially at nights, as my sleep cycle was all over the place this week because of migraines, but at the same time I had too little energy to actually do something more useful. I’ve lived about 6 lives in Bitlife now and I always bond so closely with the character I’m playing.
  9. All my penfriends, especially the ones with whom I’ve been writing for a longer time, their interesting emails, care, support, and all the conversations we have.
  10. And Misha!!! How come I didn’t put him higher on the list? Misha slept with me in my bed last night, I mean really in bed, not on the bed or in his bed on my bed but properly under the duvet beside me, which happens very rarely, and I loved it. I am also grateful for that he spends a lot of time in my room now during the days, sleeping in a basket on the windowsill, so he can look out the window, smell the fresh air, feel the sun and wind, and the radiator beneath it. Sadly the radiator itself is way too narrow for Misha, otherwise I’m sure he would have preferred sleeping there. I’m always so grateful for having such a beautiful Mishball in my life, I’m insanely lucky in this regard.

So, these are the ten things I’m grateful for this week.

What’s on your list? 🙂


14 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – #TToT. –”

  1. Everything on your list except kefir, and some minor substitutions like my computer instead of your iPhone. I love the concept of item #1, preventive gratitude! We should print that on posters or something.

    So, yeah…

    My friends
    My dad
    My animals
    My internet
    My health
    My rainbow universe
    My stunning good looks [okay, I just rolled my eyes at that. The truth is that I only upload photos of myself online that flatter me. In real life, I’m not as pretty as I let on…]
    The fact that it’s a new week, and can I get an amen for that one?!
    The weather and the general location here
    Probably whatever I’m forgetting!!

    What a fun question!!

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  2. It is a good thing to be grateful in advance. 🙂
    Having a place that is your special place to “recharge” is a blessing.
    Good to have you linking up to the Ten Things of Thankful blog hop.

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  3. I enjoy my room, too. It’s cozy.
    Misha is beautiful! I have three cats, and one of them, Nora, a calico, has slept under the covers with us nearly every night since we got her as an 8 week old kitten! It’s oddly comforting to have a warm, furry kitty curled up against you in the night, although in the summer it can get a little hot!

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    1. Thanks, I agree that Misha’s very beautiful. 🙂
      How amazing that you have three cats! 🙂 I’d love to be able to have more but Misha doesn’t tolerate other felines’ company too well and we’ve learnt it the hard way. And how lucky you are that Nora sleeps with you under the covers. 🙂 I love when Misha does that, it’s very special as he doesn’t do that very often. He’s generally very anxious and afraid of too much closeness, and even when he does lay next to me under the covers it’s usually not for long. But that only makes me appreciate it more when it happens. It’s true though that when it’s warm to begin with, it can get quite hot having a cat in bed with you. 😀

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  4. Good to have you back in TToT-ville again. (I’ll be the first to say that Kristi has done a remarkable job maintaining a positive and encouraging atmosphere each week.
    Agree on the power of music, it can be so transformative on mood and outlook on the day and when I’m writing.
    Certain lifeforms are perfect, I always say that about dogs but have a number of friends here in the virtual world who enjoy that same perspective on cats. They are so in the here and now, helps me to remember to try to stay in the present rather than the past or the future.
    Have a good week.

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  5. I’m sorry I’m late in stopping by, but I’m so glad to see you again at the TToT! Thank you for linking up! Health and home, family, friends, and furbabies–what a wonderful list! 🙂

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