Question of the day.

What are you planning?

My answer:

Well, just like I wrote yesterday, my plans for the near future right now are mostly evolving around MIMRA. In even nearer future, I am planning to take Misha to the vet, because he’s due for deworming, but I don’t know when exactly that’ll happen, it must be also a good time for Sofi because she wants to take Jocky to the vet as well. Beyond that though, I’m not really planning a lot at the moment.

How about you? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I solved the soup problem by ordering the ingredients for grocery-store pickup. That way I don’t have to wander aimlessly around the store trying to find obscure ingredients that could be anywhere. It didn’t even cost anything, because the first few times you do it, it’s free. (I won’t need this service for regular grocery store visits.) My main concern is that they won’t have all of what I requested, which is enough of everything to make six pots of soup (I’m going to freeze the soups in individual tupperware servings). My other concern is that you’re supposed to call them from the parking lot but I don’t use a cellphone. [Eyeroll.] I’ll have to go inside or flag someone down. So I’m planning that pickup in a few hours, and I’m planning to make some soup, and I hope it’s good!! 🙂

    Oh!! And I too am planning Christmas shopping, which is akin to your MIMRA, and you’re on my Christmas list!! YAY!! I might make a more organized list later with people and gift ideas, etc. Sounds fun!!

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