Question of the day (18th October).

What was the first book that got you hooked on an author? Do you still like that author?

My answer:

I believe the very first one would have to be The Six Bullerby Children by Astrid Lindgren. That’s where my love for Sweden, Swedish language and Astrid Lindgren’s books has started. And yes, she’s still one of my all-time favourite authors that I like to go back to sometimes. I haven’t read all of her books or haven’t reread all of those that I read because not all of them speak to me but the ones that do, do really strongly and I love the idyllic feel in them as well as Lindgren’s sense of humour and just generally the feel of her books.

How about you? 🙂


11 thoughts on “Question of the day (18th October).”

  1. Mine would be The Witches by Roald Dahl. My initial reaction was what a childish book it is, and now I still flip his books to enjoy my childhood. That make believe world is my safe place.

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  2. Timeframe-wise, I’m uncertain if it was Lucy Maud Montgomery or Laura Ingalls Wilder. As of today, hmm…. I doubt I’ll ever reread LM Montgomery. I tried once, and I knew the whole plot of Anne of Green gables from having watched the miniseries backward and forward when I was younger, to the point that rereading it lost any appeal. With Laura Ingalls Wilder, I’d like to reread them someday–some moreso than others–but I bet my favorites today from her series might be different from my favorites as a child!

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    1. Yeah, I also know the Anne of Green Gables series almost by heart because at one point these were the only books I had at hand and so read them constantly, so I rarely reread Anne, but I love rereading other Montgomery’s books, the more that, while I absolutely love Anne, I think some of her other heroines are more natural and thus even more likeable.
      Oh my, I haven’t reread Laura Ingalls Wilder in ages too, perhaps I should, because I did like her books a lot.

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  3. As a kid, it was Judy Blume. As a teen and twenty something, it was Jackie Collins. Then at some point I got into medical thrillers and crime/forensic fiction so Patricia Cornwell, Robin Cook…And as if it’s even necessary to say, I’d be kicked out of the Ghoul Scouts if I didn’t include Stephen King cos I do love his horror novels.


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