Question of the day (26th September=.

Hi people! πŸ™‚

Recently we talked about our favourite cakes, so let’s talk some more about yummy sweet things.

What is your favourite type of candy?

My answer:

I have very many favourite types of candy, but the ones I’ve been particularly loving recently are Bomilla caramel hard candies. We’ve got a lot of these for ourselves with Sofi and still have a large supply. I don’t even know if they’re called Bomilla any longer because now that I’ve tried searching for it to see if Bomilla is a thing anywhere else it turns out it was a Polish brand and actually doesn’t exist any longer, but I’ve always known this type of candy as Bomilla since Bomilla was the first brand of them that I had and these are pretty much identical with the Bomilla ones.

How about you? πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Question of the day (26th September=.”

  1. I have to pick a favorite? Really? πŸ˜€ H AH AH AHA. Hmm…

    I tend to like fruity, sugary candies like Starburst or Skittles a lot. With Starbursts, my fave is definitely strawberry. Love that flavor! My ideal dream Christmas stocking would be filled with Starbursts and Skittles, as well as Reece’s peanut butter cups (the small holiday ones) and those one-inch long mini candy bars, like solid chocolate, Nestle crunch, et al., and that would just send me into heaven for sure.

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    1. Sounds like a great Christmas stocking! πŸ™‚ I don’t like a lot of fruity candies but Starbursts and Skittles are pretty good. I think it really sucks that we don’t have anything Reese’s easily available over here as a lot of people seem to love these and I’ve never had any, how unfair! πŸ˜€ A lot of mini bars are really great.

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