Question of the day (23rd September).

Does anyone in your family speak a language that you don’t?

My answer:

As I wrote earlier, my Dad speaks Kashubian, as does my gran and a lot of other people on my Dad’s side of the family. Some people in my Mum’s family who have lived here for a while have also learned enough of it to speak fairly well, apparently my grandma’s brother speaks Kashubian so well that no one can tell that he’s not a Kashub and some people who have married into my Mum’s family are Kashubs and can speak more or less Kashubian. My gran also speaks some German as she has some German heritage and was going to a German-speaking school but she remembers very little of it now. My Mum knows some Russian from school. When she was going to school, Russian was an obligatory language at schools here rather than English so everyone learned it, but while my Dad for example doesn’t remember almost anything, my Mum still has some vocabulary and often says she’d like to learn more of it, she can also read the Russian alphabet well and understands much more that she can say herself, my mum also has Russian roots since both my maternal grandparents do, she has a kind of sentiment for Russian language, culture and literature. Because of this, it’s not surprising that my maternal grandparents can also speak some Russian, I guess my grandma’s is actually quite decent and since she was born in what used to be Russia back then she also still has a very distinguishable eastern accent as do all of her siblings. Also both my maternal grandparents have been forever fascinated with France and studied French and seem to be good at it as well, and my grandad knows Latin very well. Some other of my family members also know some bits of Latin if they had it at uni like my Godmother but my grandad actually makes use of it. Sofi can speak bits of Spanish but can’t really communicate. She has started learning German this year at school as well and so far it’s surprising that while she’s not doing well with English, she’s doing very well with German even though it’s objectively a more difficult language from a Polish perspective. My one uncle works a lot in Norway and can speak some Norwegian, pretty well as far as I can tell, and my other uncle works in Germany and knows a little German but not too much. My grandma’s relatives can speak Belarussian as she also has Belarussian heritage. It’s funny with my cousin, who has learnt Italian since early school age and has always loved the language. She later discovered that she has a calling for religious life and has joined the Salesian sisters a few years ago, and this year they sent her to Italy for novitiate. So it’s definitely proven very useful.

How about your family? 🙂

9 thoughts on “Question of the day (23rd September).”

  1. Yes. My father (now deceased) spoke fluent Spanish. My nieces (some of them) speak fluent Spanish as well. One niece and one brother of mine speak Japanese. That same niece also speaks French. Me? Plain ol’ Utah English with a smattering of phrases in perhaps six or seven other languages and pidgin Spanish. I never could come to terms with how the adverbs and nouns and so forth are mixed up from English to another language. It hurts my brain… LOL

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  2. Kashubian? That’s a language? 😮

    Well, my parents both spoke German because they lived in Germany for a few years before I was born. They were on the good side of a wall…? I’m not good with social studies.

    My dad learned Russian to be in the army–this was prior to living in Germany. He learned Russian in submersion class, where they did nothing but speak Russian for, like, eight hours a day, five days a week. He’s probably lost some of it due to having no one to talk to in Russian, but he’ll occasionally start reciting this Russian poem he was taught on day 1.

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    1. Yep, Kashubian is a language. Even a lot of Poles think it’s a dialect but it’s actually a language, though an endangered one.
      Oh my, that sounds like very intense brain training with the Russian learning! Or perhaps was intended to be brainwashing. 😀

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      1. Brainwashing! 😀 That would explain a lot!! HA H AH AH HA! Well, he enlisted to be a language specialist so he wouldn’t have to serve in combat, from what little I understand!! I’d say it was a good decision! Oh, he wanted to avoid the draft!! That’s right!! I swear, my weak social studies skills are abysmal!! 😀

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