Question of the day.

What are you thinking about?

My answer:

That after writing this post, I’m gonna go sleepy sleep. I’ve been feeling quite dreadful today because finally, after like half a year, Jack the Ripper, aka Jack the Butcher has come to visit me yesterday, and he’s been catching up on all the lost time. Although from what my gynaecologist has told me in the past it’s not overly concerning yet, especially if you have some hormonal problems to begin with like I do with pituitary not to have your period for about half a year, I was beginning to get a bit concerned very recently and Jack must have read my thoughts and came yesterday showing his full potential. I’ve had a terrible headache all night and most of the day today and am feeling achy and lousy overall, and I’ve actually slept already today, which is not like me because I normally don’t nap during the day and avoid it for all costs, but I still feel like bed is the best place to be in right now. But hey, at least I didn’t seem to get any bad PMS symptoms, and am feeling okay emotionally and mentally today, that’s a big plus! Perhaps tomorrow will be the other way around. But I better not say it if Jack can seriously read my thoughts. Well I was a bit mood-swingy lately but not so that it would be a problem or that I’d even noticed it could be PMS. So yeah… 😴

Oh but speaking about all things hormones, have I told you guys about my thyroid ultrasound? I mean the results? Well I don’t remember now so if I did, I’ll just tell you again. As I wrote before it I was a little worried that something may be wrong, but the ultrasound doctor said it was totally normal, so I’m happy. Even the socialising wasn’t too bad, somehow I managed to get along with him without much difficulty, perhaps because his daughter apparently is also called Emilia, lol, and it went more smoothly than it always did in the past back when I was going to Medical Academy for all sorts of pituitary and thyroid testing when I was a minor, the ultrasound there always took ages and something about it was super stressful so I was very surprised. As always, defensive pessimism paid off.

Okay, your turn now, my thinking brain is shutting down so I have nothing more to say on the topic. πŸ˜€


13 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I am pondering how to get blood from a stone as my kid just informed me it’s getting cold and she needs pull over sweaters yet I just went broke replacing her bloody glasses….Grrr, the kid is gonna give me a brain bleed! LOL

    Sweet dreams.

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  2. Looking forward to trying my biscuits tomorrow, that I am currently baking now.
    They smell yummy that are on the cooling rack so far.
    I am going to bed after last batch comes out and I have washed the pots.

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      1. They taste good. All I need to do for me next time I make these biscuits, is reduce the sugar content slightly, as a little sweet. Something I am known to do with any biscuit recipe.

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  3. Oh no!! You’ve gotten your first period of the year? Yikes!! I hope you sleep soundly!!

    I’m thinking about how much (and what) to eat during IF, and I’m thinking about my memoirs, and I’m thinking about lots of fun things!!

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    1. Not really of the year, but of this half of the year for sure. πŸ™‚
      I slept super soundly (15 hours in total) but not really refreshingly. I woke up with a nasty migraine in the morning and so slept through most of the day as I wasn’t able to do anything else really. I’m still a bit off but much better than I’d been for most of the day – at least I can think πŸ˜€ – and feel quite exhausted by the migraine, but probably won’t sleep much tonight. Well at least perhaps I’ll be more productive tonight.
      That’s all really constructive things you’ve been thinking about. πŸ™‚

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