Question of the day.

What was the last YouTube video you watched?

My answer:

Hmmm, let me have a look… I watched a lot of YouTube earlier today and a lot of different stuff, so right now I don’t remember what was last. 😀 Ah, yeah, it was a testimony of a Polish guy who is now a Christian but used to be muddled in the occult and new age stuff, and how he got rid of it and now educates people about spiritual dangers, from the point of view of the Catholic church, of course. And he actually seems very competent in the topic. Many people I’ve heard about or even known, who are dealing with this or who tried to help to get me out of my own shit like lucid dreaming, Doses etc. etc. seem to know what can be harmful and dangerous but can’t say why, which makes it feel much less credible, ’cause naturally if something is harmful, you want to know why exactly, what are the risks, what’s wrong with it, and if they can’t provide you such information, why should you believe them, especially if what you’re doing seems fun, as it often does with such things at the beginning? People just tell you “Don’t do this” “Don’t do that” because “It’s wrong”, and it always bugged me when they wouldn’t say why. Of course, in most cases, if you’re inquisitive enough and genuinely want to know you can dig deeper yourself and check it out, but not everyone wants to, for example I didn’t want at the time and only later did I begin to want to learn about what might be wrong with these things, when I’ve already started to feel like I might be heading in an entirely wrong directioon with this whole life thing. And not everyone has the patience or intellectual abilities required. And even if people do know about what’s exactly wrong with specific things that are considered spiritually harmful for Christians, and what makes them harmful, they often seem not to know much about this thing in practice. I mean, back when I started feeling like there might be something seriously wrong with lucid dreaming, and I was reading in Christian resources on it, even people who claimed to have some past experience with it and now specialise in helping people with similar experience, know a lot about the topic both from the inside perspective as well as from the Christian perspective, they often wouldn’t be able to even spell the word oneironautics properly – oneironautics – oneironautics is lucid dreaming and the ability to travel in the dream world – and would often confuse different terms or such, that made them feel much less credible to me because it made them look like they didn’t even care to make the research, and their claims of having experienced it directly or indirectly weren’t very believable. For people who are deep into the bad stuff it’s not going to be convincing. I remember how I once got really annoyed when my Mum sent me a list of “forbidden” artists and bands that a Christian shouldn’t listen to, compiled by some priest. I can understand, though don’t approve of, the intention behind using the word “forbidden”, as it’s so jarring and I guess the whole thing is not about forbidding because everyone has free will, but it was all the more jarring that the list following it was not only full of spelling errors, making it feel very possible that the author had little practical idea about these artists and who they were or didn’t care enough about the people who were going to read it to even just autocorrect the spelling, and, more importantly, it felt like a totally random list of artists from all sorts of genres, without any explanation or anything, just a list. It did include obvious stuff like “Ozzie Ozborn” or Juda’s Priest, but even such people like… Amy Grant! Amy Grant is a Christian singer. I used to like a few songs by Amy Grant just because of how they sounded, I only knew English enough to understand that it’s Christian music but not what it exactly is about, so I don’t know, perhaps there are some disonances between her lyrics or whatever she’s doing and the actual Christian faith, I had no idea and I’m no longer into Amy Grant because I’m just not into Christian pop music, but back then, even though I was no hardcore fan of Amy Grant at all, I found that very frustrating that someone would “forbid” me to listen to something without any explanation at all. And I think many people may feel that frustration and it can discourage them greatly and effectively from either coming back to Christianity or accept it as one’s religion. I’m so grateful that I was not one of such people and that I got a chance to re-convert and was able to use it and that I have my Mum who has prayed for me and has been my spiritual director, and who has shown me that there isn’t only one way of experiencing God, even in one religion. So it feels really good for me to see people who actually have an idea about these things. And as it seems not only about the new age-y kind of stuff, because a lot of Christians when they think spiritual dangers think only new age and the occult.

How about you? What did you think about the video you watched? 🙂

12 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Mine isn’t a video. It’s just a song by Frank Turner, Love Ire & Song. My drunk friend called him the Irish Bob Dylan but he’s really from England. It’s not a Christian song. It’s a drinking song. It’s about people being disillusioned about their attempts to change the world and they start drinking and get their old ideals back but it is only temporary and in the morning life is shite again. I don’t know why I like it. It’s depressing but I do get encouraged in the middle. He is musically talented so I think anyone could enjoy at least one listen.

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    1. Yes, sometimes depressing songs can be weirdly uplifting. As someone who likes very widely defined folk music, I used to think drinking songs are one of these subgenres of folk that are not my cup of tea and very primitive but at some point I’ve discovered that some are actually very interesting and can have great lyrics. 😀

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  2. I don’t watch much YouTube. The last non-music video was something about bookopoly or not sure that’s what it’s called, a monopoly-inspired game to find books, and a readathon related to it.

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  3. That sounds like quite a video you watched!! 😮

    My last video was the one I linked in a recent blog post, apparently, according to what YouTube’s telling me! It was from The Raccoons, with their closing theme music “Run With Us”, a great song!!

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  4. My last YouTube video was Bertie Higgins’s JUST ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE and Whitney Houston’s MIRACLE.

    The last YouTube video which had an impact on me was the 19-minute version of charity:water’s founding narrative.

    My favourite Amy Grant song is MY GROWN-UP CHRISTMAS LIST and also SHADOWS.

    Dungeons and Dragons seems to be the classic “harmful for Christians” [and by extension everyone else] thing.

    And Satanic music is its own genre, scene and culture – which I’ve experimented in a metallish/explorative mood.

    AshleyLeia: oh, yes, Suicide Prevention Day/R U OK day was yesterday [10 September 2020].

    HigherTimes: these drinking songs – especially when they become maudlin and/or idealistic like this one seems to have been.

    Astrid: I wondered if it was based on the settings of the properties and/or the books were a certain colour/price/market?

    Everyone – enjoy your oneironautics and be cautious of spiritual danger

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