Question of the day.

Hi people! πŸ™‚

What was the last thing you got angry about?

My answer:

Minor trigger warning first, just in case: mention of self-harm urges, not actual self-harm.


I got badly angry today and I still sort of am, but I’m not sure I can write about this at this point. First because it’s too fresh and I don’t want to write things I may regret later, and I am just having too much of a jumble in my brain at the moment so I don’t really know how to put it anyway, also I don’t feel too well physically at the moment, I don’t know, feels like I’m going to have a migraine soon, though I’ve taken the migraine med so hopefully it’ll go away before it starts properly. So I’m not really up to writing a whole long essay which it would probably be if I wrote about it in detail. πŸ˜€ Anyways, it’s nothing major, just happened to be very upsetting to me and is to do with my Dad. Thankfully I’m on my own at home for the evening so I can recharge a bit. I also am (or rather, to be exact I should probably say something like I know I should be) proud of myself though because I really felt like cutting as I’ve been feeling quite overloaded with awful feelings after that Dad thing and still am, though a bit less because I’m alone so that helps that I am not having any witnesses of how I’m feeling or anything and helped me to recover a bit, but didn’t cut in the end and don’t feel a strong urge to do so anymore, so that’s always some achievement. On the other hand I didn’t do anything else to let out the feelings either, except for writing a little here, as I can’t cry or do anything other constructive at this point, so it’s still bottled up and fizzing nicely. πŸ˜€ Maybe it just needs time.

You? πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Today when I was driving down the Main street of my town and saw some stupid kid yelling and hitting his dog with its leash. I yelled at him and said he was a *censored word* and that someone should call the police on him for animal abuse! Grrrr. People who abuse their pets just piss me off.

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    1. Sheesh, I really hope someone did call the police, or at the very least that it was just a single occurrence! For me, especially since I have Misha, the mere mention of abusing pets makes me feel super angry.


  2. For me it was 3 days ago because a staff member in my evening job got angry and lost his patience with me because I did not understand what be was saying, as he had his face mask on. He knows I don’t understand what is said, if I don’t see lips. He knows me very well and knows I am deaf.
    So as well as angry, I was very upset too.
    He apologised. But it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.
    I was in tears going home. I cried myself to sleep and I was low and tearful next day.
    With what I have to contend with in my own life, to be spoken and treated like that, and then previous week, 2 other incidents by another person. I had enough.
    I feel like wearing a t-shirt that says I am not your punch bag. Take your frustrations and drama elsewhere.

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    1. This must be so exhausting for you to deal with all the time, and how jerky of that guy to get angry with you despite he knows you’re deaf, and blame you for his own lack of adjustment to your needs. Good at least that he apologised but if he knows about your disability this situation shouldn’t take place at all, it was incredibly rude! I understand it can be frustrating for people when there are communication difficulties but it doesn’t justify taking it out on you when it’s not your fault at all, and you are surely even more frustrated than him, as you have to deal with such situations on a regular basis, especially now when people wear masks all the time.

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      1. Yes, so exhausting. I have been pushed to extreme limits these last 2 weeks. I already thought I had enough, until that.
        I have a few burnt out moments, but nothing that has had to resort me having time off work again for it. But I have had some annual leave.
        I have another annual leave coming up this week on Thursday. So not back until next Wednesday. I am counting down for it.

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      1. Thank you.
        I will take each day as it comes. But one of the days, I am picking up some notebooks of poems of my mum’s, as I mentioned in a blog post today. So that day will be a little emotional possibly.

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  3. Oh no!! Feel free to write to me and tell me all about it!! Your bad dad!! Hmmph. Mean father. And always write to me if it’ll keep you from hurting yourself!! God bless!!

    I can’t remember the last time I was angry, but I was irritated with my dad last night. I was exhausted, and he was trying to talk to me, and I had no energy!!

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    1. It’s better now. I still feel hurt and angry at him but am doing better and don’t feel like cutting anymore.
      Oh, I felt irritated with Sofi for the same reason today in the morning. I did end up with a migraine and had it at night until late morning, but thankfully it’s over now, anyway, while I was having it Sofi came to me and wanted to chat about all sorts of meaningless things, wanted me to unlock some games on her phone because it’s the weekend and she’s bored, talked about how she had an argument with a classmate who is very stupid, why she is stupid, why Sofi was right, and asked me endless questions, and as I was feeling really exhausted with the migraine, and Sofi just is like this that she always talks quite loud, finally I ran out of the little bit of patience I had. But Sofi was understanding and didn’t take it personally.


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