Question of the day.

Hi people! 🙂

What’s something you don’t worry about but really should?

My answer:

I really have no idea. I worry about pretty much anything possible, including things I shouldn’t, so if there really is something that I should worry about and don’t, it’s some huge irony. 😀 There are some things I worry about less than most people seem to, like a lot of people worry way more about where the world is going to, for example, I mean stuff like people getting depressed when watching the news, feeling concerned about the future of the whole world, and while it can be indeed very often concerning, worrying and saddening, it doesn’t seem to affect me quite as much as a lot of other people in my surroundings. I don’t think though that I should worry more about it as that won’t help anything, and it’s hard to make yourself worry on purpose, so it probably wouldn’t work out and the only thing I would achieve would be making myself feel awful and like I lack empathy because I don’t worry as much as I should.

What, if anything, is such a thing for you? 🙂

7 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Yeah, I absolutely hate the news and refuse to watch! Too upsetting. But it’s not bad that you don’t get more upset! You’re right that it’s senseless worrying when we can’t do a whole lot.

    Hmm…. I should really worry about my finances, but I don’t. I have no savings! (Wait, yes I do! Hmm… where’d I put that nickel?) My dad has a life insurance policy with my name on it, but he also probably owes more on the mortgage of this house than the amount of the policy!! And then there are utilities, bills, etc., etc. I live too lackadaisacally and with no concerns!

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    1. Although I don’t get easily upset by the news, I get why people do. But despite I am not easily upset, or perhaps because of it, I don’t avoid the news, although too much of it can be overwhelming.
      Oh no, financial worries are one of the worst probably. I hope your situation in this respect can improve somehow. I feel really grateful that at this point I don’t have to worry about finances, at least not for the immediate future, or otherwise I’d probably be ruminating big time. 😀


  2. Ooo good question! My answer, as soon as I saw your question, was exactly what you said in the first few lines – I worry about anything and everything, all the time, so it would be ironic if there’s something I really should be worrying about but don’t. I am affected by the news but I get what you mean; I don’t think you lack empathy, I think the issue is that it’s more out of your control and you’re already too consumed with worrying about everything else! If only we could find a switch to turn down the worry and anxiety… If I find out where it’s located, I’ll let you know!

    Caz xx

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    1. Yeah, I think you put it very right.
      Haha thanks, It’ll be a very appreciated piece of info. If I happen to know first, I’ll let you know as well. 😀 There’s nothing quite as toxic for the brain as constant worry, I guess.


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