Question of the day.

Hi lovely people! 🙂

What invention doesn’t get a lot of love, but has greatly improved the world?

My answer:

Toilet paper. We could see it clearly not so long ago all around the world. 😀 Sure, we could use newspapers instead, but the sensory experience is of so much lower quality then, isn’t it? Well I don’t have first-hand experience in this matter, luckily, but my parents do, as they lived during the last two decades of communism where such situations were normal. I think it’s definitely something worth appreciating that it’s so easily available in most countries now that we don’t even think of it usually. The invention of the loo is outstanding just as well.

What would be your pick? 🙂

14 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I can say as a child, there were few ocassions where I had to use newspaper. Its certainly not nice.
    I remember the second, or third time it happened, I was like saying out loud, oh no, not again. I can’t remember how old I was.

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      1. I’m glad I don’t struggle with that! Adjustments on your body can be hard. One of my grandmothers had dentures, and she hated them. She couldn’t adjust. Made me sad!!

        I’m actually kind of glad to wear them. When I was younger, I wanted to switch to contacts, but I was fearful of having someone put something in my eye. In retrospect I’m glad, because contacts can cause problems, especially if you’re irresponsible with how you clean them. But the other reason I’m glad to wear glasses is that I feel they offer protection from anything flying through the air toward my face. They’re made out of something tougher than glass, so it’s highly unlikely they’d break, which means they’d protect me. I also think my eyeglasses are pretty and flattering!!

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  2. Ahh, toilet paper! The unsung two-ply hero of the bathroom. 😀

    I’d say the internet. Now, I know everyone agrees that the internet is wonderful, but here’s the thing: the people who invented it have diddly squat to show for it. They’re not wealthy like the presidents of facebook and Amazon are. Nope, they didn’t profit from it, from what I understand. But God bless their amazing invention!!

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    1. Good point! And even though we agree that Internet is so great there are still people demonising it, especially in the context of children using it, and making it seem like the Internet is responsible for all the evil in the world.

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      1. Yeah, that bites!! It does have some downsides, but I have no clue how I wrote research papers before it came along!! How did any of us ever do anything?! 😮

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  3. Our minds think alike! I was going to answer “the toilet”. How about I go with toaster though? It’s something so ordinary that I doubt many think of how amazing it is to get perfectly browned bread with one push of a button. Well most of the time. Sometimes we get cinders instead…

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    1. Oh yes! When we think of things that don’t get much love, we tend to think about things that are generally disliked or have bad reputation for some reason. Well at least that’s the route my brain went and that’s how I came up with the toilet paper. But there are also lots of perfectly ordinary things in between, like the toaster, we never think about, because they’re too ordinary. But it definitely deserves a lot of love. What would the world be without toasts for breakfast? 😀

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