Question of the day (16th August).

Hi people! 🙂

Do you think piercings look good on people? (Excluding ear piercings).

My answer:

It’s hard if not impossible for me to tell whether they look good on people since I can’t see, but what I can tell is I’m not a big fan of piercings. Ear piercings are okay, though I don’t have pierced ears personally, just because I don’t care for it, and piercings in other places I just totally dislike and I think they’re a bit pretentious. But if someone likes it, then who am I to tell them whether it’s good or bad? I guess for some people it just works well together with their overall style so why not? I think tattoos are more interesting than earrings, though I don’t have any either, and as an alternative for actual earrings I prefer some subtle, small kinds of clip-on earrings, I have quite a few pairs of these for some special occasions. Clip-on earrings aren’t quite as popular anymore, and there’s more variety among earrings, but that still doesn’t convince me to get my ears pierced. I think one reason why I’ve never felt compelled to do this is because I used to get a lot of pressure from my family that I should do it, especially my grandma was obsessed about it for some reason. “Oh dear, you would look so gorgeous if you had earrings! Why won’t you get your ears pierced?!” And then she got me a pair of earrings on my birthday, I don’t know if she forgot that I didn’t have ear piercing, or was it her way of trying to persuade me, and then when I reminded her that I don’t have pierced ears she was like: “Oh, so this will be a good motive for you to do it”. Nope. That’s not how Bibiel works. And then the same incident repeated itself and I got another pair of earrings for her for some other occasion. My Mum was like: “You really should pierce your ears now. Grandma may feel hurt if you’ll never wear them”. But what if I may get hurt because my grandma doesn’t even care to remember such basic facts about me like that I do not have earrings and gives me presents that she would like to get, rather than such that would be actually nice to me? And then I got even one more pair from my great aunt. What’s up with people being SO obsessed with earrings? Zofijka inherited all of them, but I told myself that if I’ll ever get any more, I’m gonna flush them down the loo. 😀 When someone tries to persuade me to do something like this, then I get even more fixed on doing it the other way around, even in situations when I originally wanted to do just what they’re trying to get me to do. It just pisses me off to no end. So I’m gonna stick with my lovely clip-on earrings, especially that I have really a lot of nice ones, with mini lapis lazulis and turquoises and other such, and I think they actually fit me better.

What do you think about this? Do you have piercings? 🙂

7 thoughts on “Question of the day (16th August).”

  1. I only have pierced ears. I think a simple hoop in the eyebrow, nose, or lip can look nice, but beyond that I’m not really a fan. One look I really don’t see the appeal of is stretched ear lobe piercings

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  2. I’m not a huge fan of nontraditional piercings. But my own history with piercings is hilarious. When my mom took me to get my ears pierced in seventh grade, the first one hurt so much that I screamed, and the piercer rushed over to pierce my second ear before I could talk her out of is (which was rather wise, if you think about it). Then, I had a sordid history of infections, so in math class one day, I tried to remove my earring, and a huge clump of my hair got attached to the stud and got pulled through the hole in my ear. This caused quite a stir in math class, and I was excused so I could go to the bathroom and fix it. That still makes me laugh. 😀

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    1. Oh wow! You definitely have interesting experiences with earrings. 😀 It’s awful it hurt so much when you got your ears pierced, and that you had so many infections afterwards. My Sofi loves wearing earrings but she must have allergies or something because she often gets infections or other skin issues when she wears earrings for longer, or not the right ones.

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      1. I have no idea what happened, but I have no clue nor any understanding when people say, “It doesn’t hurt to get your ears pierced!” I still remember the pain so much that I can’t get them pierced again–too afraid. Just not going there. But what’s even weirder about that is that childbirth must hurt awfully, and yet women have more than one kid. Life is strange!!

        Aww, poor Sofi!! I hope she keeps an eye on the situation!! Yeah, I think the gold studs were the best, but I might not be remembering right!!

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    2. I guess it may depend on who does your piercing and how skilled they are. Our Sofi had her ears pierced as a baby, and didn’t cry at all, so I don’t think it could hurt her, she doesn’t have great pain tolerance and certainly you wouldn’t expect her to have it as a baby. With childbirth, it’s probably the whole maternal instinct plus hormones plus the drive to reproduce and the emotional need to have to have offspring, plus the sheer accident, that makes women have/want to have more than one child despite the pain, and all the other inconveniences that are a part of being a parent. 😀


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