Question of the day.

Do you ever talk to yourself, or sing?

My answer:

Oh yeah, I talk to myself a lot and in different languages. It’s genetic, as my Mum’s the same, so we say we have such rich inner lives they’re spilling out, but my Mum has it worse, because she often thinks so loud that she doesn’t even know she’s thinking aloud and doesn’t realise that she’s just said what she was thinking, which leads to weird situations, but she doesn’t even care. But then when someone happens to be around while she’s spilling out her mind unbeknownst to herself, she is either very surprised and thinks that the other person must be a telepath, or accuses them of eavesdropping. It also seems like she has the same problem when she goes running, she has earbuds on when running and always thinks about loads of things and often finds that people look at her in a strange way, so she thinks she must think aloud while running too. It’s quite strange that someone would be so unaware of it but it’s funny at least from the observer’s perspective. I try to have more control over what’s spilling out of me and in what circumstances, and I don’t even have to try too hard as I’m way too blocked to do that so spontaneously, unless I just don’t know that someone is around, or happen to be extremely deep in thoughts, and then sometimes weird situations happen to me too, in such cases, but that’s really rare. I also talk to Misha and so if anyone ever happens to overhear something they also often assume I’m talking to myself. But, to avoid weird situations, since I can’t always know for 100% if someone is lurking around, and to practice my languages, I prefer to speak in other languages than Polish when talking to myself. And so my default language for talking to myself these days is ENglish, but I also talk quite a lot in Swedish and swear in Finnish. I also routinely have discussions with people on the other end when for example listening to something, like a YouTube video, a radio programme, whatever, even when reading things sometimes on the Internet but with speech synthesis, not in Braille, the more engrossing it is for me the more likely I am to do that, and voice my opinions, regardless of that the people on the other side are not going to hear them. With this I don’t even restrict myself so very much to when other people in my surroundings can’t hear it. 😀 Sofi picked it up from me and she also has discussions like that with her favourite YouTubers, for example, of which she has many.

I also sing to myself sometimes but it’s mostly in specific situations. I often sing for Misha when we are in my room. I seriously don’t know, perhaps it’s just me being megalomanic or something (although I don’t think I sing that extremely brilliantly, I just have musical hearing and can sing in tune and that’s it), but to me it looks like he likes when I do that and he relaxes himself and is listening very intently, so even if it’s just an impression, I typically do that when he’s going to sleep or when we’re having a cuddle time, he needs that sometimes, usually after a long time of being on his own, he’ll come and want to be petted and cuddled, and then I sing him to sleep, or when I have a feeling he’s sad or something’s wrong. I seriously think Misha’s not indifferent to music, and not only because he gets scared by very loud music. I also sing when I’m in desperate need for some background noise because of the sensory anxiety and there’s no other way of getting it. It only works so-so, but so-so is always more than nothing. And sometimes I just sing when I feel like it and when I’m alone but that’s pretty rare, I used to do it more.

You? 🙂

12 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I talk to myself, the cats, the squirrell outside, and sometimes when I bump into inanimate objects I even apologize for inconveniencing them. I think it’s healthy to talk things through even if your listener is yourself.

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    1. I agree, it’s very healthy and cathartic! Though some people like my Dad still think it’s something that automatically classifies you as mentally ill. And yeah, I talk to inanimate objects as well, but especially to tech devices, not only when they’re not working as I’d expect but also just casually.


  2. Oh my gosh. When I’m happy, I sing, hum, whistle, and dance incessantly. It’s always Deck the Halls, The Twelve Days of Christmas, and other peppy songs of my own creation that I just can’t hold inside! Total weirdness. And when I’m happy, I’ll just go around saying weird phrases like, “Ingram Sparks! Ink and toner.” I wish I had a good singing voice, but my voice is dreadful. I’m sort of a great singer in my fantasies, but in reality, the neighbors are probably thinking, “Oh no, why can’t Meg be less happy today?!” Oh well.

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  3. I do that too. When I’m reading a book, I will talk to the author as if the author is talking to me and I’m replying him back. I do that often when I want to talk to someone and no one’s around, or I’m feeling lonely and want to listen to someone. And I talk to myself a lot when I’m studying something. Actually it is easier for me to learn by teaching. So when I’m studying some concepts, I will talk as if I’m teaching to someone else.

    And I sing a lot too. I like singing at the top of my voice. It’s liberating. I do that at home when I’m alone, while doing chores, or in the bathroom. I used to sing so much that I was famous at my hostel for singing in the bathroom. Girls used to know that I’m in the shower just by listening to me singing. haha. Those were fun days 🙂

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    1. Oh yeah, talking to the author or book characters like this is fun.
      Interesting that you learn things this way. I know people who learn by putting some music to what they’re learning and singing it out loud.
      I like singing in the shower as well sometimes.

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  4. I find talking to myself makes me more conscious. If I need an answer, asking out loud gets me to remember what I know. I also talk to myself when determination is required. Hearing my belief out loud makes the faith more real

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