Question of the day (13th August).

Hi people! πŸ™‚

Do you read or watch TV before falling asleep?

My answer:

I always read before going to sleep. I also listen to the music before I fall asleep and while I’m sleeping, as that helps me with anxiety and also I just like it this way. I read on my PlexTalk, and have a sleeptimer on, so that the book doesn’t keep on going or at least not too much when I’m already asleep. And in the background I have my iPhone quietly on, just enough so that I can hear it, either playing music on Spotify or some radio. If it’s radio it’s either playing some station which plays only music, and such that I really really like, and there are only few stations whose music I’d love so unreservedly, or, more often, it’s just talk in one of my favourite languages. Sometimes I also listen to some podcasts in bed but that’s rather if I’m not planning to go to sleep just yet.

How is it with you? πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “Question of the day (13th August).”

  1. I can’t fall asleep without TV as background noise. If the station drops out, I wake up. I can’t do music though, too stimulating. Can’t try to sleep when all you want to do is rock out πŸ˜‰

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    1. That’s a bit surprising since most people I know always read news in the morning, including myself though depends when morning starts for me, haha, but actually I guess it makes more sense because in the evening you can have a summary of everything that happened during the day.

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  2. I don’t use my phone or laptop in bed, but I do read before bedtime a lot. I also occasionally have music on on my iPhone when trying to fall asleep, but I have a sleep timer on (just discovered it on Spotify).

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  3. I enjoy watching Frasier or The Golden Girls before bed! It’s soothing and very relaxing, because it’s not focused TV-watching where you don’t know what’s going to happen next; more like reruns. I also like messing around online, and sometimes I even work on my writing before bed, most especially if I’ve got a writing project going on at the time. It’s one productive activity that can be done without needing wind-down time. Like, I wouldn’t be cutting wood to build furniture before bed, or cleaning the house before bed, but writing works out!

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    1. Writing before sleep sounds great. I used to do that routinely at school, as writing was a great outlet and recharge for me, I also worked then on my Jack Hamilton novel very intensely, but I had trouble falling asleep afterwards, as my mind would be buzzing with ideas, thinking about the characters, what I’ll write the next day, etc. etc. and then I always ended up being a zombie the next morning, so it probably wasn’t the best idea. So now I don’t do it, also because I just don’t do quite as much creative writing anymore.

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