Question of the day.

Hi people! 🙂

Let’s continue with the fruit & veg theme for a while.

How much fruit do you eat each day?

My answer:

Despite I love the vast majority of fruits, it’s not like I eat a lot of fruit every day. Sometimes I don’t eat any fruit during the day at all. Actually quite often. Now that we have our own garden, and professional, enthusiastic gardeners for neighbours, we get to eat fruit every day during summer, but I guess overall it’s never been a thing in our family to eat a lot of fruit on a daily basis. My Mum also doesn’t make fruit preserves typically or anything like this, unless when it’s like last year, when we had lots of fruit that we didn’t know what to do with as we couldn’t eat it all before they’d go bad, so Mum did looots of jams, juices and kissels but it’s not a tradition like it is for a lot of Polish households. We like oranges and tangerines in winter but we don’t have them all the time in the season. So I think in my case we should rather talk about weekly than daily. But we usually have apples, so at the very least, if there aren’t any more attractive fruits, I like to eat one or two apples every few days.

How about you? 🙂

8 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I rarely eat fruit because of bad memories with my parents criticising everything about how the fruit is prepared/cut/served, and how I eat it or how much or little I eat.

    Now that I’ve moved out, I still rarely eat fruit, but I bought some raspberries and seedless grapes recently so I can eat them with yogurt or cereal.

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