Question of the day.

Is there a place you like visiting that isn’t very popular with people?

My answer:

Yes, but not because it’s so unlikeable, only because (thankfully) few people still know about it. It’s a beach in Smołdzino in north-west Poland, in Słowiński National Park. Smołdzino is a very small village, but it’s really beautiful, quiet, peaceful and clean and not quite as touristy as in most other seasides location I know. These days it’s a bit more popular with people than back when we discovered it and used to go there for holidays very regularly, and when on the beach there were literally no other people except for us a lot of the time, but it will never become crowded or touristy as much as other beaches are, because it’s within a nature reserve. So even to get there, you have to park your car quite far away and then go two kilometres to the beach on foot, which not everyone would be keen on.

How about you?

7 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Yeah, I used to go biking by a body of water that was off the beaten path, sort of hidden down a hill that was obscured by the big city of Louisville. I mean, Louisville has loads and loads of parks all over, but you wouldn’t expect this place to be there because it’s so well hidden and obscured by businesses and busy streets. I used to love that place and I found it so magical. I’m not even sure how I stumbled upon it!

    I suddenly want to go back! The problem is that I no longer have the stamina to bike that far! Maybe before I was biking from my mom’s house, which she no longer owns. Also, stamina aside, I don’t enjoy biking on major roads. I feel it’s a safety issue. But I suddenly want to go back! I’d forgotten all about it! I used to bike there shortly after I graduated from college, which would be roughly twenty years ago.

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