Question of the day.

Is there a chore you really like doing?

My answer:

I like all the Mish-related chores that I am able to do. It’s like… it’s just so delightful to do something for Misha, whatever it is! I don’t even think I can call that chores because chores are sort of meant to be unpleasant I guess. They aren’t particularly interesting or fun but just the fact that I can do it for Misha is great, I wonder if people feel the same when they have a partner or kids and do something for them, I guess not typically. I love washing Misha’s bowls, changing his bedding, grooming him (though I believe I’m not quite as good at this as Mum is because he doesn’t like it as much when I do it, but this could also be because Mum is his main feeder so he has a special bond with her also where his hygiene is concerned), I love to give him food and also drink sometimes, though usually Mum gives him his water. I’d even love to deal with his litterbox but I still haven’t gotten around to getting that litterbox with filter that makes it easier to get rid of the poop. Sometimes I also brush his teeth but I’m too scared to do this on my own because he hates it anyway so I don’t want to make the experience even worse for him by doing it wrong so Sofi is the dentist’s assistant or she does it herself.

I also really like cleaning my gem stones. It takes time and is rather monotonous, because I have a whole lot of them, but at least I have a lot of time for thinking meanwhile. 😀 Or listening to music, or whatever. I just love caring for all of them and spending time with them.

You? 🙂

12 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. You have gemstones? I’d love to see some photos!!

    Hmm…. a chore I enjoy… no!! HA HA HA. Oh well. I tried to think of one, I really did. However, I do like getting chores done so I can move on with my life!! I feel good if I’ve cleaned the fish tank so the fishies can be happy. But I hate cleaning the fish tank!!

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    1. Oh yes, I have loads of gem stones! I’d love to take pics of all of them and I often asked my Mum to do it but she said that while the idea is very cool, it’s also very overwhelming because there are just so many and it would take ages to take pictures of each of them. But there’s a pic in this post:
      We also have some fish and my Dad takes care of them as they are mostly his, and the cleaning has always seemed to me pretty dire. I also dislike the vast majority of usual household chores but the feeling of relief afterwards that you no longer have to do it is great.

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      1. Oh yeah, I remember your gemstones now!! Soooo pretty!!! Gorgeous!!

        Yeah, the fishtank cleaning is hard, but I’ve finally (after, like, a year and a half of fishtank ownership) figured out how to keep it clean with regular maintenance. I hope. I think. I’m glad you have fishies, too!!

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  2. Oh, I love gemstones too! I recently dreamt that my entire collection had been left behind at my student apartment when I moved out of there in 2010. Or maybe I thought it, as it may actually be true. That’d be so sad. Here’s hoping they’re at my parents’.

    As for your question, no, there aren’t any chores I like. They’re all too overwhelming.

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