Question of the day (16th July).

Hi people! 🙂

Is there a medicine you actually like the taste of?

My answer:

I have real problems with a lot of oral medicines, if there’s such a thing like taste hypersensitivity I probably have it. 😀 But yeah, there are some medicines that I like the taste of. I like Strepsils honey & lemon lozenges, and also lozenges called Holinex, I did a quick Google search and it appears like they aren’t really popular or even available in other countries very widely but they taste sort of similar. I also briefly took some really yummy medication for allergy as a kid but don’t remember it’s name, but you had to put it under your tongue. Also when me and Olek were ill with colds or such we were often prescribed Eurespal (which seems to be generally called Fenspiride or Servier in other countries) in syrup, and that was pretty good too, even though normally I absolutely hated most of the flavoured syrups for kids as they’re so sickeningly sweet and gross and have really strange texture, and I hate other flavoured medicines that are kid-friendly like all the multivitamins, kids probiotics, I don’t remember what else there is, but generally they’re yucky. Oh okay I did like one multivitamin that I remember was orange-flavoured and a little fizzy, but all the others I’d ever tried were awful though the majority of kids I knew liked them and I knew some that even were happy to eat such things as casual sweets.

How about you? 🙂

8 thoughts on “Question of the day (16th July).”

  1. Oh yeah, here in America, they make everything taste great! You have no idea. Vitamins, probiotic chewables, liquids… or maybe it’s just me. I don’t hate the taste of any medicine. I don’t mind Pepto, and nothing chewable is too dire, and I can’t think of any issues I have in that regard. Well, actually, Granny Smith used to eat these calcium chewables, and I hated those. They were little rectangles with chocolate flavor… yuck. I prefer the sugar-coated fruity chews. I’m not sure they still make the kind she ate.

    Our cold medicine, DayQuil, tastes nice and orangey. I always have some on hand whenever I get sick!!

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  2. My theory has always been that the bad taste are the fighters. If I have the will to swallow it then I’ve helped fight the battle. It’s the flavor of patience that gets me questioning. The worse the medicine, the better the recovery 😉

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