Orla Gartland – “Why Am I Like This?”

Hiya people! 🙂

Do you ever ask yourself this question, “Why am I like this?” Some people dn’t, but some people do, and if you are one of the latter, this song is likely going to be very relatable for you.

I really like Orla Gartland. She’s Irish. That alone could be a good enough reason for me to like her. 😀 Even though she doesn’t do Celtic music and is quite popular. But I also like her because she’s very talented and very natural (very rare thing with “normal” artists these days), and a bit crazy, plus has a lot of distance to herself. Her lyrics are also very genuine and distanced, and I think also easily relatable for people.

This song is definitely very relatable for me. ‘Cause, being an overthinker, socially anxious and having AVPD, I quite frequently ask myself this question. Not like I expect to ever get the answer or like it matters that much, it’s just rhetorical and mostly a way to express my frustration. Now since I’ve first heard this song, whenever I wonder about “why am I like this?” the song immediately pops up in my brain. 😀 I can also very strongly relate to the broader topics of the song – overthinking one’s mistakes and anxiety in general. – The overthinking and overintrospecting bit is one of the most frustrating pieces of my AVPD. But I also believe it’s quite a universal experience that people struggle with too much introspection, self-criticism and some shyness on top of that, so I guess it could be very relatable to a lot of people. This is definitely my favourite song by Orla.

I don’t mind songs about love, I do love many of them, but since I myself have never experienced romantic love, and the vast majority of song lyrics are about this, it’s quite rare for me to find a truly relatable song, and therefore I appreciate pieces like this even more.

I couldn’t decide which version I want to share with you – the original or the fully produced – so I’m sharing both, ‘cuz why not.


4 thoughts on “Orla Gartland – “Why Am I Like This?””

  1. Yay for Orla being talented and natural.

    This is before I pop on the Why am I like this?

    “Then Tattoos on the coast
    I stood like a ghost

    Feeling you didn’t want me there at your birthday party

    I’ll be in the corner

    Thinking right over every conversation we just had”.

    And it has a strong drum beat … [the chorus “Why am I like this”]?

    And getting outside yourself to ask if the person is OK …

    There are lots of Irish authors recently too.

    One called Niamh and one called Nairose – who both write womens’ writing.

    When I become introspective I wonder “Why is everything such a waste of time?”

    And yay for frustration and its rhetoric – bending over; being reflexive/reflective.

    And Gartland does a song called Overthinking if you [reader you/listener you] are looking for song.

    The whole “old soul in a young body” I imagine lots of people would relate.

    And “I go crazy”. That’s another Gartland one.

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    1. Oh yes, these other songs by Orla Gartland are good too, I think if someone likes this one they may like them as well.
      Ireland has a lot of good authors indeed, I haven’t heard of the ones you mentioned before, but I do like authors like Cecelia Ahern, Maeve BInchy and the like.

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      1. Emilia:

        Binchy; Binchy; Binchy!

        I started off with Circle of Friends way back in 1996 after the movie.

        [Cecilia Ahern had a great movie called PS I love you]

        A decade and more later I had a trilogy.

        And then there was the book about the village school which was narrated from all different points of view which I read two months ago in a Reader’s Digest Condensed edition.

        The Naoise Dolan book is called EXCITING TIMES and is about Ava who is 22 years old.

        The Niamh Campbell book is called THIS HAPPY – don’t you just love these emotional titles, Emilia and readers? – and is about Alannah and her passionate life.

        Both books were published this year and yours truly did check out online a bookstore in Poznan which had stories for children about Franek the taxicab.

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    2. I didn’t watch the movie based on Cecelia Ahern’s book, but the book itself was really good. My favourite one by her though was most definitely If You Could See Me Now.
      Hahah, the titles of these books do feel very emotional and exuberant indeed. 😀

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