And more testing.

Hiya people!
So I continue to play around with my iPhone, and today is the time to try using it with a Braille display! The last time I wrote a blog post using my iPhone with my standard Bluetooth keyboard I found editing and writing a real pain and had to rewrite the whole thing again and had trouble with the cursor all the time. I thought I.d give it a go with my Braille-Sense (because you can connect it to another device that is compatible and use it as a Braille display, and at the same time on iPhone it can (workas a keyboard) . It is indeed easier from what I can already see – though editing stuff on iPhone still feels very new and weird to me – and it’s probably easier for me simply because I already know my Braille-Sense pretty well so itβ€˜s easier for me to use the iPhone with it as I can deduce it easier how to do some things, and it’s always easier to write for me when I can actually see what I.m writing. Still, so far I can.t imagine it being my primary way of writing anything other than texts or similar, unless I decide that I need some proper patience training, lol. Don.t know if it’s just me being weird and not able to adapt to the era or what but this is just how it is.
But it’s always an easier option in case I have to type something on the iPhone. So now I.m going to send this and see how it goes.

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8 thoughts on “And more testing.”

  1. Oh wow, new tech can be so hard to adjust to!! I’m hoping for the best!! No, don’t blame yourself! I’d be just as inept with a phone! πŸ˜€ I just love my box computer!! πŸ˜€ Can’t imagine life without it!! Keep us posted!!

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  2. “Still, so far I can.t imagine it being my primary way of writing anything other than texts or similar, unless I decide that I need some proper patience training, lol.”

    Texts are often predicwrite and they demand muscle memory/motor planning.

    Especially when it comes to toggle states and commas/apostrophes.

    Bluetooth can be ugly especially when I lose my mouse or my keyboard or some of the words I intended to type.

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    1. Well, with texts, a Bluetooth keyboard – like my Braille-Sense or a mainstream Bluetooth keyboard – is my only option really, as I don’t do on-screen keyboard yet and don’t think I’ll ever be able to learn to use it well enough. I haven’t noticed any issues with punctuation like commas or apostrophes, except that I cannot write an apostrophe properly when using Braille-Sense with iPhone, but that’s due to Braille being slightly different for different languages and also different devices and settings, and I don’t know yet how to write apostrophe on iPhone with a Polish Braille table. The whole iPhone and Braille thing (especially when using multiple languages like I do) seems to be more complicated than I thought. πŸ˜€

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      1. MUCH more complicated than I thought too.

        I knew, for instance, in French where the A and the Z would be – where the Q and W are on an English keyboard.

        Hopefully someone does know about how these apostrophes in Polish are done with a Braille keyboard.

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    2. Oh, I didn’t know that even normal keyboards had such major differences, interesting.
      I seem to have figured the Braille thing out, very luckily. I was playing around yesterday with different Braille table and different languages’ keyboards. I’ll have a lot of things to learn now, but at least I now know how things work in general with Braille and iPhone.

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