Testing, testing!…

Hey people! 🙂
I have news of the year for you! Bibiel’s got an iPhone. 😄
It’s been hanging in the air for a while already, because Zofijka got an iPhone recently too, and as my ten-year-old Nokia wasn’t getting any younger, I had to think about something new at some point. You may already know that I’d been very reluctant to have a smartphone because of my coordination and orientation difficulties and that it felt sort of surreal for me that I’d ever be able to use a touch screen, and all my attempts on other people’s phones in the past were miserable, so I was always joking that I’m sticking to Nokia due to my undying loyalty to Finland.
It’s been one heck of a change, as you can imagine, but somehow I’ve been able to keep my stress and rumination at healthy levels so far, and am even a little bit excited about the thing. I have a whole lot of things to get used to and would definitely be lost if not my Bluetooth keyboard, as I can do barely anything on the screen, and so far struggle a lot even with the keyboard, but hopefully it’s just the matter of getting used to everything.
I just wanted to let you know about it and test how the email thing works, as I’ve just set up my emails in the Mail app and am sending this via email. This is actually my second attempt as something didn’t work out the whole time. So far I’m pretty sure it’s not going to become my default way of blogging, it’s really arduous.

12 thoughts on “Testing, testing!…”

      1. That’s wonderful! Are there like blind people or teachers of the blind who can teach you? I got instruction from a computer skills teacher who was himself blind as well.

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    1. I don’t think so, I guess there isn’t anything formal like that, and I don’t know anyone in my area who could do that. There was a blind girl who was also a computer skills instructor or something like this who helped me to learn to use the computer years ago and we were getting along very well and even kept in touch for some time afterwards, but then it stopped and I’ve heard a few years ago that she’s moved out and don’t even have her contact details anymore.
      I have Sofi though and she has an iPhone, so although she hasn’t got a clue about VoiceOver and such she can still be very helpful. We’ve just come back from a short trip and me and Sofi shared a hotel room with each other so she showed me how to do a lot of things during the trip.

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