Lynn Saoirse – “Mervyn Pratt”.

Hey people! 🙂

Let’s listen to some more Celtic harp today! I have a lovely little tune for you by an Irish harpist Lynn Saoirse who plays Celtic harp. It is called Mervyn Pratt. I did a little bit of research to learn who the title character was and found out that there was a Pratt family in Ireland who owned the Cabra Castle, which is now a hotel, and there were a few Mervyns born into this family. I really like the whole album from which this song comes – The Seas Are Deep – and Lynn Saoirse’s harp play is great!

3 thoughts on “Lynn Saoirse – “Mervyn Pratt”.”

  1. Hi Emilia, thanks for sharing this lovely piece. May I ask your help? I have a blog project called ” Come Away With Me” where I visit all countries on this lovely planet virtually and find interesting musicians. It’s Poland’s time next Monday and I wondered if you could suggest a musician for it. Also are there non-touristy places I should check out and share? Thanks a lot. Bee

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    1. Oh, that sounds like a really great project! 🙂
      As for non-touristy places, there are a whole lot of them over here, a lot of them very underappreciated, and I haven’t even been to that many myself as I don’t travel very much, but one that stands out to me that I’ve been to many times is Smołdzino in north west Poland, it’s a little village by the sea, located in the Słowiński National Park. There is a lot of nature, and, unlike many Polish beaches, it’s not very touristy at all, a few years ago few people even knew about it and when I went there with my family we were often the only people by the sea. I think the whole National Park is worth exploring, it’s a very quiet and clean area.
      As for music, I’ve been thinking intensely about what I could recommend to you since last night, as I myself don’t really listen to lots of Polish music usually, I only have a small group of artists that I really like, so I also asked my Mum what Polish musicians she finds particularly worth mentioning. I thought I’d give you some selection so you can choose what you like the most out of those songs and musicians and what you want to feature.
      First, you can check out all my Polish song of the day posts here, there aren’t very many, but perhaps you can find something that you’ll like. Most of it is not particularly popular music but also not completely unheard of for an average person in Poland.
      Apart from that, my most favourite Polish band is Vavamuffin, they make reggae music in a mixture of Polish and English, their English accents are quite funny to me as they’re something between Polish and Jamaican but much more Polish, and they’re three guys from Warsaw, (the Vava in their name is a more international spelling of Wawa and Wawa is short for Warszawa), here’s a song from them which talks about the history of Polish reggae:

      There is also a very cool contemporary folk band i think is great called Chłopcy Kontra Basia (Boys vs Vasia, Basia is the vocalist’s name), and my favourite song by them is Oj Tak (which means something like Oh Yeah). The lyrics are very amusing, colourful, folksy and to the point, as a lot of their lyrics are, so I’ll tell you in detail what they’re about. It tells the story of a girl who was feeding her mare by the water, and God was swimming there in a boat, rowing with His leg, and started talking to the girl that he came from the heavens and, since she happens to be here, he’d just like to look at her for a moment. The girl refuses and tells Him to go away to the village where there are good, married girls, and that she is not worth to be looked at by Him, he might see the devil, and finally she tells Him to come back after ten years, and then He’ll be able to look at her as much as He wants. So the ten years have passed and the girl has become a woman, and is waiting for God, but He’s not coming, so she wonders if perhaps something happened to His boat. Finally, two hundred years have passed, she has turned into a crone and is again feeding her mare by the water, waiting for God. But God forgot about her, despite she called His name and stomped her feet at the eternity, and never came again. Here’s the song:

      Also there is, or perhaps I should say was, a great blues band called Dżem (Jam) that is very famous over here. Its former leader and vocalist was called Ryszard Riedel, he had a very difficult life as he was a drug addict and struggled with depression and eventually died due to his addiction. Now his son is the leader of the band but it doesn’t sound quite as good anymore and their style feels more pop-rock rather than blues. Here is the song by the old Dżem called “Letter To Mum” which is just what it’s called, Riedel’s letter to his mother, in the form of a poem, about his loneliness and all sorts of other sad feelings. It’s a really really sad and quite depressing song.

      Let me know if you like any of that or if you need some more suggestions of places or musicians or more info about any of them. 🙂
      Hope that helps a bit. 🙂


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