Question of the day (31st May).

Hey people! 🙂

Do you like coffee? If so, black, or with cream? What kind of creamer?

My answer:

I’ve asked you coffee/drink related questions before, but since different people may see different questions, and those questions are always a bit different from each other, I thought that why not, and the question was partially inspired by my own adventure with coffee yesterday. I hadn’t had real, proper, black coffee in over half a year, and the night before the last I didn’t sleep very well due to migraine and generally “jet-lagged” brain, so I felt a little sluggish yesterday and when I saw Mum make coffee for herself I decided that, what the flip, why can everyone drink coffee but not me? I guess I can have it sometimes, right? It’s not the end of the world, especially that I wasn’t going anywhere, so even if my anxiety raised nothing overly bad would happen. So I did have my coffee and relished it thoroughly. But afterwards, it did get quite serious. I guess partially because I just didn’t drink proper, strong coffee for so long so my brain weaned off caffeine completely and was not prepared for such a dose out of the blue, but also now I suspect I really must have some sort of caffeine hypersensitivity. The strange thing is though that in my first years of drinking coffee I didn’t feel anything like that at all, or can’t recall at least, so it couldn’t have been this intense. I was actually very immune to any effects, or side effects, of coffee. I think when I started to notice that anxiety thing after drinking coffee must have been about a year ago or so, and then I also started to feel some light physical symptoms like that I would feel a bit queasy, have a slight diarrhoea or my muscles would get weak, or I’d be shaky or my sugar would go a bit low, but that wasn’t much of a problem, the high anxiety was the only reason why I stopped drinking coffee. But yesterday not only my anxiety sky-rocketed after coffee, where earlier in the morning I wasn’t almost at all anxious, but also I felt dreadful physically, it was a real nightmare of a day and I had only myself to blame for it. It’s strange though how intensely I seem to react to it. I don’t have anything like this after black tea, or even green tea, nor Pepsi or other such drinks, though energy drinks did make me a little edgy when I used to drink them but it’s not a big deal at all since I don’t like them anyway. Thankfully it’s all okay now, but hopefully now I’ll think twice before having a coffee.

Anyways, let’s get to the question. So yes, I do like coffee, I love coffee, and now I also hate coffee because it seems to hate me. I like strong black coffee, ideally with a teaspoon of sugar or honey but it’s not necessary, coffee without it is just as good. I also love iced coffee and then I like it with a bit more sugar and cream, but I don’t drink and never had drunk iced coffee often enough to be an expert in different creamer varieties and say which ones I like particularly better than others.

You? 🙂

15 thoughts on “Question of the day (31st May).”

    1. No, I haven’t tried decaf, as I mostly drank coffee for its stimulant effect because I have low blood pressure in the mornings so it helped to get me going, so decaf wouldn’t do, and to substitute for the taste of coffee I love to eat Kopiko candy which are very strongly coffee-flavoured, but I might try decaf out at some point indeed.

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  1. That’s interesting! I hate coffee simply because I can’t develop a taste for it. But reading about your sensitivities to caffeine, I think I have the opposite problem. I’ve always dealt with fatigue, and back before I had prescription Provigil, an alertness aid, I’d struggle to get to the workplace on time. (I mean, I’m obviously way too mentally ill to work, so I shouldn’t have even been attempting it, but oh well!) So before I’d drive to work in the morning, I’d swallow around two caffeine pills (which I think equals four cups of coffee, based on the labelling), and that would usually prevent me from rear-ending the car in front of mine. (Shakes head at myself.) Anyway, it’s interesting that you’re so sensitive to the caffeine! Yikes!

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    1. Well yeah it’s very interesting, especially given that some time ago as I said in the post, my reaction (or almost lack of reaction) to coffee was more similar to yours. I wonder what’s going on in my brain, I can’t really figure it out.

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    2. 😀 Haha, I guess overall it’s not that bad indeed. Sometimes when I feel shitty I say that I’d like to have a brain transplant but actually I wouldn’t like to have a different brain, even though I don’t always like mine, it’s too quirky to give up on.

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      1. Ahh, if only people were lining up to donate their brains! HA HA HA HA HA HA! I love that joke! Thanks for providing the set-up!!

        Same here, I love my brain and wouldn’t want to give up on it!! We have interesting and unique brains, for sure!! Here’s to our weird brains! I think mine has even atrophied somewhat! I have no idea why, but I find that hilarious! 😀

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    3. Yeah, yay for our brains! 😀 Oh, I hope your brain has not atrophied or at least won’t continue to do so. I definitely wouldn’t consider that one thing hilarious if it happened to my brain, haha.


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