Question of the day.

Hi people! πŸ™‚

What are your opinions on zoos?

My answer:

I’ve never been a huge fan, probably mostly because the animals I like the most and have the strongest connection to are the ones that are used to people and live with them, especially cats and horses. Besides, it feels a little boring to me since I can’t really even engage with the animals in any meaningful way, as you can’t touch them or anything. I remember when I went to the zoo for the first time when I was 5, it was shortly after I went to the boarding school (or rather nursery), and by then my parents would visit me every weekend there for a year or so. And on one of those weekends we went to the zoo which wasn’t very far away from the school, and I was so excited, because I loved bears at that time, and when Mum told me some time ahead that we’ll be going to the zoo, I was telling everyone that I’ll take some honey and will be feeding the bears honey with a spoon. πŸ˜€ But in the end I guess there actually were no bears, or at least I can’t recall that haha. it feels a bit like a museum or a gallery to me, and these kinds of places usually aren’t that fascinating to me, often even when the theme of it is interesting. I guess I’ll learn more from reading about it than wandering aimlessly around. Especially that I have some marvellous talent for nearly fainting in entertainment places like that. I’ve never actually passed out but I could feel really weak and drained and pretty close to it anyway. Probably because you typically visit such places in late spring/summer when it’s hot, and you often have to stand in one place there for a longer period, then move a few metres to another place where there is another object/animal/whatever and either listen and learn about it when you’re at a school trip or with a guide or something, or just wait while everyone else is looking at it if you’re only with sighted people, rather than just walk all the time or sit, and heat plus long standing in place makes my BP drop. So it feels very unpleasant, stressful and darws too much bad attention for my liking. Also, despite I am not some extreme and crazy animal rights/environment advocate or someone who would want to humanise animals in a serious way, I always find it sad when I happen to be at the zoo that all those poor animals have to be there and had to lose their freedom just because of our human whims because WE fancy seeing wild animals in real life. Sort of similar to circus in a way, both because it’s something I can’t really engage in, and because it involves wild animals only that circus seems generally more cruel and unethical than zoo, and the whole circus thing doesn’t really make much sense to me, I mean I can’t quite get it what’s exactly so funny about it, it seems a little primitive kind of entertainment to me but maybe I’m just either too stiff and lacking humour or it’s beyond my cognitive abilities to get it. πŸ˜€ I know that the zoo is a form of education so that people can actually see the animals, but I’m not sure if we necessarily have to see something face to face to be able to learn basic things about it unless we are scientists. I also understand that sometimes it can be life-saving for some endangered species to live in the zoo rather than in their natural habitat which may not be a safe place, but I guess those are exceptional cases and zoos don’t consist of only such animals but also such that would be perfectly fine in the wild.

I don’t have any huge dislike for zoos or am not against them in general, but they are just not really my thing, I guess.

How about you? πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. My opinion is mixed. I don’t like seeing wild animals caged and forced into an unnatural environment. However. With the rapid extinction of so many rare animals, birds and other creatures, zoos (the good ones any way) provide protection and may save a species from total extinction. They also offer people a way to see the animals and creatures who might never otherwise be able to view them.

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  2. I’m sad you can’t see the animals! They’re so beautiful! I think zoos should be more interactive for blind people! At our local zoo, certain things can be done, like feeding the giraffes and riding the camels, but you have to call ahead often, or risk showing up when those areas aren’t opened for whatever reason. Our zoo also has a fun carousel, which of course I feel too old to ride on, but who doesn’t love a carousel? My favorite part of the zoo is the gift shop. My dad and I always stop by there, and they have the awesomest stuff. They sell unique products that you can’t get elsewhere, and that you wouldn’t even know to look for, like stuffed animals that look realistically like the animal, zoo memorabilia, rock candy, that sort of thing. I love going with my dad every year on my birthday. We might go later this year, due to the zoo being closed for coronavirus on my recent birthday. Our zoo is great for kids. There’s a train you can ride, sea lion exhibits, interactive learning centers indoors, everything. Every year, I photograph my dad with a goat. (If anyone wants to see such a photo, feel free to ask!) Yep, there he is with a goat. Oh! And they have the special area with exotic birds that can land on your shoulder. You can buy nectar to feed them with. I bet you’d love our zoo for all those features that can be appreciated even if you can’t see!!

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