Post share – Blocking the Block – Cyranny.

So, have you guys already heard about this new WordPress block editor thingy? How do you feel aboutit?

If you feel similarly to me and much prefer the classic one, go over to

This post by Cyranny

and speak up about it, share the post with your readers so that we can have control over our blogs.

They say that we’ll be able to switch between the old and new editors, and if so, it’s great, but the message from their post on this seems to be a little contradictory imo, and I wonder for how long we will actually be given the choice.

As I already commented on the Cyranny’s post, I’ve just tried the new editor out to see what I should brace myself for and if it’ll be as bad for me as for many others, and found it really unfriendly and not really particularly cooperative. It took me about half an hour just to get out back to the classic editor, and it seems like the fact that I did it was only a sheer accident, haha.

I know that there were huge issues in the past with this block editor’s accessibility for screenreaders, and I have to say that, while it isn’t particularly user-friendly and intuitive, the accessibility with my screenreader (NVDA) isn’t bad, as much as I could tell from just testing and not writing an actual post and not being a huge tech savvy, which was a positive surprise, however I’ve heard that apparently there are some significant problems accessing it with another popular screenreader (Jaws). I can’t see for myself if that is the case and to what extend it is unusable as I don’t have Jaws (and even if I could, I’m not keen on the idea of voluntarily interacting with that thing again 😀 ) but if it really is, something seriously must change here.


8 thoughts on “Post share – Blocking the Block – Cyranny.”

  1. thank god I have mars edit on my mac, and can blog from it. its an app for blogging from. on my pc, i email posts in, so dont use it, but on my phone, right now I am using the classic editor, and I sincerely am hoping they wont get rid of it. Otherwise I cant post my photos from my phone easily.


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    1. Ah yeah, I know about Mars Edit, good that you have such option.
      I email a lot of my posts as well but sometimes when you need to do some more formatting, add multiple links or stuff it looks much clearer and better aesthetically to use the editor so I do use it for a lot of posts anyway.
      And I can see how it could be a pain for people to use the block editor on their phones.

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  2. I agree the block editor isn’t nearly as intuitive as the classic one. It does allow one to embed media such as Tumblr posts etc more easily, but that’s about it. I will see if I can write a blog post using the block editor soon.

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