Question of the day.

Hi guys! πŸ™‚

Which pet made the most impact on your life?

My answer:

That surely has to be Misha. My family used to live in the country throughout my whole childhood, so whenever I was at home I was surrounded by animals, we’d always had a dog there and lots of cats around the backyard, some more, some less wild, and we’ve had aquarium fish since I can remember, and I also had a hamster for a brief moment, and when I was a bit older we also had a cat called Kiki. And now, except for Misha, we also have our dog Jocky. But I’ve never bonded with any animal as much as with Misha. That’s probably partly because I am not as much a dog person as I am a cat person, which isn’t to say I don’t like dogs, I do like most if they’re not overly intrusive and exuberant towards me when barely knowing me, but I just get along better with cats. And partly it’s also probably because I simply didn’t really spend that much time with those pets, as I was at the boarding school most of the time. I even hardly remember our cat Kiki, even though it wasn’t that very long ago that he was with us, I didn’t feel particularly emotional about him, even though i liked him. The only bit I remember more vividly is when I accidentally closed him on the terrace in the middle of a snowy, windy, winter night, and no one in the family could figure out how he managed to not only get on the terrace but also close himself there – long story and i’m pretty sure I’ve talked about it in some earlier post. – Also as I’ve said many times before, we are really very much like brainmates with Misha, and even though one may easily think that in some respects we are a really badly and absurdly paired couple, at the same time we have an awful load of things in common so we can simply get along somehow, I like to think that we do really well, even though it’s hard sometimes even just because you can get most information from him via eye contact and he’s extremely hypersensitive to touch. Misha has been a huge emotional support for me, which I can’t say at all about other pets that we’ve had, and I have a personal relationship with him, which I also didn’t have with the other ones and don’t really have a very strong one with Jocky even though I like him and he seems to like me crazily for some reason and we like to play.

You? πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Hands down, without a doubt, that would be Treble. My mom bought Treble when Treble was three. She was a former show dog who won blue ribbons. Purebred English springer spaniel. We got her in 1992, when I was fifteen, my brother thirteen, and my sister seven. As I’m sure you can imagine, our household was totally messed up. Treble brought us all together. We all loved her and doted on her. I think my mom had high hopes that Treble would be aggressive and troublesome. (Trust my mom to hope for that.) Because her previous owner told my mom that Treble had signs of aggression and bad behavior. It turns out that Treble was unhappy as a show dog. She was NEVER mean to us. Not remotely. Not at all. She was so gentle. My sister would give her “haircuts” and try to cut off her ears, thinking they were ponytails and not flesh. Treble never minded. My sister would also tie Treble’s whole body into knots, which Treble also didn’t mind. Very gentle dog. We all loved her.

    She died at the vet’s office on April 15, 2000. We were totally broken up over it. It’s hard to think about her final months. My mom had taken up with her future (now late) husband Jim, and so she dumped Treble with my dad; and my dad had no clue what Treble’s health history was, or anything. And so my dad, my sister, and I were there when they put her down, if I recall correctly.

    Afterward, I did some mental math. I turned our birthdays into days of the year (like February 1st would be the 32nd day, etc.), added all of our birthdays together (me, my sister, my brother, and our parents) and divided by five. That average date was April 15th.

    She was a wonderful doggie!!

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  2. I could never pick one cat. I’ve had cats since I was 4 so that’d be like 43 years worth of pets dismissed if I picked a favorite. They’ve all been my friends, companions, my sanity, for however long they were part of my life. Some weren’t even my cats, they were just neighborhood strays but being able to talk to them and pet them and feed them kept me from feeling useless so many times…
    I love all my furkids, just cannot pick a favorite.

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    1. Oh, I’m sure I would have a big trouble to pick just one cat if I’d had as many cats over the years and had been in such close relationships with all of them, it would indeed feel dismissive so I can’t blame you for that. Lucky you for having been surrounded by so many cats your whole life. There’s really nothing better to keep you sane than a cat, in my opinion.

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  3. I adopted a cat from the shelter, who bit me and everyone in its path. He was he cat of the month mind you, which I learned that that’s not a good thing. Anyway, after his intense biting spree, I gave him up, but miss him dearly. Scars and all…

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  4. Either Barry, my husband’s and my current cat, or my parents’ old cat Morse. Morse was the last family pet we had before I moved out of my parents’ home. My parents and I got him from the shelter as a kitten. He suffered from sneezing disease right after coming home and this was always a weak spot of his. Still, he lived to age 15, becoming the oldest ccat my family has ever had. He died in 2016.

    As for Barry, we got him in 2014. He means so much to me because I always fed him when I still lived with my husband.

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    1. I’m sure you must have a very strong bond with Barry if you were always his feeder, in our house Mum is the main feeder and carer of Misha and he has a very special relationship with her and, despite being very anxious and rather solitary, he can sometimes follow her everywhere like a dog.

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