Question of the day.

What “old person” things do you do?

My answer:

Sofi says I’m awfully vintage! 😀 Is that seriously true I have no idea, but also I’ve heard that I’m an old soul so possibly yes, though I’m not sure I myself would put it exactly this way either that I have an old soul, I have that Bibiel part of me and she’s anything but old, and probably that’s why some yet other people, especially those who know me more closely, say I’m childish. Well but I have a bit vintage taste in some things, like baby names for example, though I like a lot of modern names as well and hate a lot of vintage names so I can’t say I’m really a vintage names lover. I like archaic words that are no longer or hardly ever used, I like folklore, and would most happily live some time before 20th century, although the only tricky thing would be that there would be no power, no Internet or anything so I couldn’t read books etc. 😀 But I’m not sure if that is really “old person” things, I guess not really. I’m sure there are such things that I do, probably even a lot of them, maybe more than I realise, but I can’t think of anything… Yay! I remember something now! I don’t have a smartphone, still! 😀 How absolutely indignant for a blind person! This may change, and most likely will sooner or later, it’s hard to imagine it not to change, though we’ll see what the results will be. For now, I am happy with my other electronic stuff, and my good old Nokia with Symbian OS which is like 10 years old. I always say that I stick to it because of my loyalty towards Finland (Nokia is Finnish, there’s a place called Nokia in Finland and I believe the company originates from there). 😀 It has only survived such a long time because really in recent years I hardly use a phone. I had this phone with me at school and kept in touch with my family, and back then it went through lots of weird things, but these days I live with my family, I hardly ever call anyone and hardly anyone calls me, because I hate making phone calls and those who know me well know that it’s faster to reach me via email or something like that and that I much prefer writing. If I need to do something that you can only do from a smartphone, I can do it from my Mum’s Samsung with her help if it’s nothing private. I’ve been really wary of touchscreens because my spatial imagination and orientation are rather poor, whether it’s a large or a small space, and so it’s sort of hard for me to imagine that I would be able to figure out something as abstractive as a touchscreen, and my manual skills and coordination aren’t impressive either. But I’m thinking more and more about getting an Iphone because as I said I’ll most likely have to do it at some point anyway, as it can be difficult for a blind person without a smartphone these days, and Iphone and phones with Android (most phones with Android I guess) are the only ones that have screenreaders that you can use with. Then we will see if I can figure that out and to what degree, and in case if not, I’ll have to think about some alternative then, though it’s hard for me to think what it would be, perhaps getting a used Nokia from someone, the same model as mine, and going next 10 years with it haha.

How about you? 🙂


14 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. You and me both! I still use my dad’s landline phone downstairs, and my computer for interneting! I don’t want a cell phone at all!!

    I guess what’s old-fasioned about me is that I’m very prim and proper. I think this goes back to my past life in which I was very high society and well-mannered. First of all, I never shout for someone (short of an emergency). Rather, I’ll go downstairs to where that person is, and then I’ll start a conversation. Shouting seems very uncouth. And since everyone else in my family shouts, I’m sure I didn’t pick up that attitude from them. Second, when I’m in line at the drugstore or wherever, and I need to ask a question, I’ll wait until the employee ends his/her phone call and then I’ll command their full attention. Third, whenever I pick up a drink, I toast it and raise my little finger. Said little fingers can’t stay down when I play piano, a fact that frustrated and stymied my third-grade piano teacher. Past life, all of it!

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    1. That all sounds so nicely old-fashioned indeed, haha. Your past life theory is interesting. I think that’s good you don’t feel that urgent reflex to shout when there’s an emergency, I guess it’s like a default reaction for most people and it only makes everyone more on edge.

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      1. I will shout in an emergency, but it doesn’t make me happy! I hate it! There was this one funny time recently when I was up here in my room, where I’m pretty isolated from the rest of the house. I developed a bad case of irritable bowels, and my stomach was in agonizing pain. It hurt to move, stand up, or walk, so I felt my options were limited. “CODGER!!” I shrieked. “CODGERRRRRRR!!!” I kept yelling for him for five minutes before I gave up. I finally braced myself and staggered down the stairs, where I retrieved some chewable probiotics (instant cure) off some furniture in the living room. My dad seemed worried because of how I was doubled over. “Is something wrong?” he asked.

        “You didn’t hear me calling for you!” I wailed. “AAAARGH!”

        “Oh,” he said. “I thought I heard something. It sounded like you were practicing your singing.”

        HA HA HA! Oh my gosh. My singing really is that bad.

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  2. I recently re-instated my landline, because cell reception in my area is awful and you may be having a really good conversation with someone and *BAM* the call drops or the person can hear you, but you can’t hear them back or vice versa. I hate cell phones. 😡

    The old person thing that I do (heck, I’m classified as an ‘old person’ now, despite what folks say about 60 being the new 40 (phooey to them. Who wants an extra 20 years? not me for sure!); is I’ve found things sagging that didn’t used to, I go to bed at 10:30 pm, I eat at 4 p.m. sometimes, I’m crabby and I’ve joined AARP. There’s a lot more too. 😉

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    1. I can’t imagine why anyone would want an extra 20 years, but despite that, it looks like a lot of people would for some reason.
      My circadian rhythm goes sort of in circles and shifts a lot, and right now I’m also in a bit of an “old person-like” phase, waking up very early and falling asleep early and sleeping not too much because I don’t need much sleep at this point. It does have its upsides.


    1. It’s sad that reading a physical book is becoming an old-fashioned thing. I like physical books more too, but since I am blind, and Braille books are really really clunky, super expensive if you want to have them just for yourself, and the amount of books you can get in Braille, even from a library, is badly limited, it’s way more practical for me to use electronic devices to read.
      Most people I know don’t do everything on their IPads, a lot of people I know do not have IPads at all and I somehow don’t think some of them will ever have one, so I guess it’s not such a sin that you don’t do that either, haha.

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