Question of the day.

Hi guys! 🙂

Considering some items are difficult to come by these days, what would you trade me for half a dozen eggs?

My answer:

Well, if it were you who gave me half a dozen eggs, I could trade you for a jar of gooseberry jam, for example. We have lots of home-made jams, and, while we like them, we don’t keep up with eating them, haha. Or I could give you some cucumbers if you like. And we do have a lot of toilet paper in case you would be suffering because of a lack thereof. Not like really a lot, but I’m sure it would be enough to share with someone in a desperate need, haha.

What about you?

7 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Ooh, fun!! You could have the popcorn I bought that I don’t like. (I didn’t know I didn’t like it, but I know now!) It was the only kind in stock, and it was Orville Redenbacker’s original. Apparently, I’ve come to realize that I vastly prefer Orville Redenbacker’s white corn kernels. (The original is made from yellow corn kernels.) Go figure! You could also have several oatmeal packets that I don’t think I’m ever going to eat, and some Carnation instant breakfast (chocolate flavored)!! Like, for seriousness, it’s too bad you’re not in Louisville! Someone set up a pantry across the street, and I might take all this stuff over to it later. That’s a good idea, isn’t it?

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  2. We have had to order toilet paper from overseas, because we are getting TP for my parents, during this crisis. The way they do TP over there is interesting. They do not have the cardboard role in it – at least in the countries we are getting it from (not sure which ones, just that they’re overseas).

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    1. Ah, yeah, I know. There are both kinds of toilet paper over here, but we buy that without the cardboard roll more often these days, and I just happen to have one in my room right now as I’ve got hay fever and paper lasts longer than tissues so I don’t have to replace it so often.

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