Question of the day.

Are you a light packer, or do you usually have an overstuffed suitcase?

My answer:

I like to pack a lot of things just in case, or such that make me feel more cosy at a strange place if I’m going to sleep there, so it often happens to be overstuffed I think. I always have a lot of chargers with me, and generally quite a lot of things that not everyone would consider necessary when going for a trip, but I definitely do. It’s not like I am petty though, I just like to have things that I’m used to with me especially when it comes to sleep, often I’ll even pack my little pillow ’cause you never know if I’ll like the pillows at the place where I’m going to sleep, or maybe I’ll still need one more pillow, haha.

You? šŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I’m always careful to pack an abundance of psych meds, and I’m always careful to make a list of what I’ll need. But I think I then pack the right amount–not too much, not too little. When I went to Prague last year, I had just the right amount of clean clothes and books to read and toiletries, etc. But I definitely try to stuff my carry-on bag with as many books as possible (and magazines, and notebooks, etc.).

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    1. Oh yes, I have to have loads of things to read as well while travelling, but for me that’s easier as I just have to pack my PlexTalk, or maybe my Braille-Sense at times when I’m going somewhere for longer and am going to stay in one place for a while.


      1. Haha, yes a little minimalist in the way that I don’t have a lot of stuff. But the real reason is that I just don’t trust the airlines and I’m too afraid to lose my luggage. So that approach isn’t minimalist at all!! šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

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