Question of the day (7th April).

Hey people! 🙂

DO you usually drive or fly when going on a holiday?

My answer:

I’ve never flew by plane in my whole life, and we usually go on holidays in the country so we drive most of the time. I am quite scared of the prospect of flying, mostly because I have balance issues because of something being wrong with my vestibular system, I don’t really know what exactly is wrong with it and why, I can only suspect that it could be somehow vaguely related to my blindness but then not all blind people have vestibular system issues, and diagnosis and labyrinth examination in the blind seems rather tricky. Anyway, some of the things I deal with because of it are quite odd and I can feel unwell just riding in the car, which is not just being car sick – although that’s how I usually compare that to people and how I refer to it when talking to other people who are unfamiliar and unlikely to get it for lack of a better, official and descriptive word, though I do get normal motion sickness sometimes too but it’s not quite as often and not quite as bad at all –
it’s like when a road is particularly bumpy, or very winding, or there is a hill, or someone is driving really fast, or I just have a bad day balance wise, because some days are definitely better and some are definitely worse, and it also seems to depend quite a bit on a kind of vehicle I’m riding, but in the wrong circumstances I can get all dizzy and feel generally strange sensations in my body and it’s also just plain scary. I have no idea if it would be the same on the plane or not, but trying it out feels quite creepy to me since I wouldn’t be able to just stop or go back or anything. When going to Sweden a while ago, we travelled by ferry to Karlskrona, and that was quite an exception from our normal, I was really determined to do it, but the travel was really difficult for me.

How about you? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Question of the day (7th April).”

  1. I am prone to vertigo from time to time. This is a feeling like the room is spinning around – especially if I change from flat back to one or the other side. My best guess is that it is stress related. For mild symptoms I can take an over the counter medicine for motion sickness. If symptoms are really bad I am in bed resting.

    I also have a fear of flying that goes back to my first break which occurred in an airport.

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    1. I am sorry to hear about your vertigo. Such things can be often triggered by stress indeed, for me dizziness can be definitely one of the symptoms of anxiety at times. And that sucks you have a fear of flying.

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  2. I always used to drive everywhere, but ever since I’ve left the country to go to Prague, I’ve become aware of the convenience of flying. It would take maybe twenty hours (?) to drive to my mom’s house in New England, but it would take a few hours to take a plane. So much easier! Now I want to take planes everywhere I go!!

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