Question of the day.

Hi people! 🙂

What was the #1 Billboard song the week of your birth? Do you like this song? To look it up, search “List of Billboard number-one singles” and go to your birth year. If your year isn’t listed (or you just feel like it), do the week of your kids’ (or pets’, if you don’t have kids) births.

My answer:

In the week I was born the #1 Billboard song was “Everytime I Close My Eyes” by Babyface. I don’t think I’d ever heard it before, but no, I don’t like it at all. That’s why I am not including the video because I only share music I like on this blog. I can’t quite say what it is that bothers me about this kind of songs, and what I actually mean by “this kind of songs”, but I just dislike the feel of it very much, my brain goes all EWW at it, and just completely not my thing! Can’t be more precise. 😀 Maybe it’s the synaesthesia or something.

I also did Misha’s week of birth, and the #1 then was “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber. Obviously I have heard this one since Bieber is so awfully popular right now and you can still hear it quite regularly on the radio and my Zofijka likes him. I think the overall feel of the song is better than that Babyface guy’s but I don’t like it either, not because there’s something that I can particularly dislike about it (other than I dislike Bieber), but just because there’s nothing to like about it and it feels kind of empty to me and I don’t feel anything specific listening to it other than feeling bored.

You? 🙂

6 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. That is so much fun! Let’s see here… Ah! The week before I was born, it was Hotel California!! Wow!! Welcome to the Hotel California, baby me!! Such a lovely place!! Such a lovely place! Get me a room there!! Woo hoo!!

    Your sister was born when Justin Bieber had a top hit? Oh my gosh, how old AM I? AAAAGUGH!!!

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