Question of the day.

Hey people! 🙂

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

My answer:

It’s really hard to say, I don’t think there’s one thing in me that if I had fixed, life would be much different. I could say my personality because there are a lot of things in my personality that are difficult for me to deal with daily but then on the other hand I would not like my whole personality to change because first, that would be such an awfully huge, scary and awkward change and second, there are things that I do like about my personality and ones that I simply have gotten used to perceive as parts of me and would feel weird if it would suddenly be otherwise, and also the difficult things have their upsides as they usually do in life. I think it would be useful and way easier though if I were less of a ruminator.

You? 🙂

12 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. I love your personality, but I know what you mean!! It can be hard to live inside your own head, ya know?

    I’d change my inability to work with abused kids! It frustrates me to no end that I care about them so much but have no energy to give of myself in that regard, or even in most regards. It agitates me, because I want to help after what I’ve been through. Now I’m upset that I can’t find three references to be a CASA volunteer. (I’ve got one reference. Great.) I know realistically that it’s not my fault the last job I had at a residential treatment facility didn’t work out. My employers kept wanting me to work sixteen-hour shifts all around the clock. But regardless, I wish I could give that of myself, ya know? I would change that in a heartbeat.

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    1. Well, perhaps it does sound trivial because a lot of people want that, but I understand what a difference it can make in quality of life if you like or don’t like the way you look, so personally I wouldn’t call it a trivial thing.

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      1. I agree, but a lot of people who don’t understand things like that make light of it, or say things like if they already wanted it, they’d have it by now, but how can you force health or youth or other things? It is, and is not, the same as saying that you would have built a house by noe, or gotten a degree by now if you really wanted it, but what if you couldn’t due to physical or other stuff? It’s all more complex than just saying people always get what they want if they try, although I agree that if money or gorgeousness or something were my priority, my life would be much more pointed in that direction. Like certain political figures who get power even if they are not qualified, because they want it so much and do anything to get it–

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