Question of the day (21st March).

When was the last time it was your fault?

My answer:

Today morning. I was feeding Misha who had just come in to visit me, and I really wanted to show him how I’ve made his bed even more comfy and get his feedback. I picked him up quickly just when I noticed that he emptied his bowl, and wanted to show him his comfy bed, but as soon as I picked him up he started to choke. I am still not perfectly sure what’s the reason but that happens to Misha a lot. Mum says that Misha might have something wrong with his throat/larynx because he also purrs very very ultra-quietly all the time, even his loudest purrs are almost only palpable rather than audible, but I think it is because of the way he eats, he tends to eat very quickly and kind of anxiously, as if he was scared that someone is going to take his food away before he can eat it or that he must run away very quickly because someone is lurking and waiting to swallow him whole or I don’t know what he thinks, but that’s how it looks. A while ago, he was eating in the kitchen and Mum was sitting there too, and then she sneezed, and Misha ran away instantly, knocking his bowl over. His brain is in alarm mode most of the time as it seems. Nothing serious has ever happened because of that choking, but it is often and always freaks me out as I am a very overprotective mummy. But today it was definitely not the problem with Misha’s larynx or anxiety, because I picked him up too quickly and he didn’t manage to swallow the rest of his food, and I didn’t know that he was still eating. Additionally I think that must have also startled him, and hence the drama. It wasn’t very bad but it was really scary for me especially that I was home alone, the only other human being in the house was Olek who was sleeping, and my practical idea about veterinary first aid is incredibly poor so I couldn’t be very helpful in case he coked really badly, but we managed and it was okay.

You? 🙂

8 thoughts on “Question of the day (21st March).”

  1. I was overreactive because Spook waited hours until the single moment I picked up the computer to write, then she decided she wanted me to cook her food. It happens this way so much, the timing, that it starts to feel purposely. But I apologized to her, I was in the wrong, I suck.

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  2. That’s really scary! I’m so glad that Misha is okay!! Kitties are hardy little creatures! Mr. Kitty throws up sometimes but not often. He’s never choked, and I think that would freak me out.

    The last time it was my fault? Let me refer to my mile-long list here… Hmm…. well, yesterday I told my mom I’d go over and do some stuff for her (nothing major), and then I fell asleep. 😀 I just barely managed to call her and tell her voice mail that I was too tired to come over before I fell sound asleep.

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    1. Thankfully Misha only throws up sometimes too, as that scares me even more, even though it is not as unsafe for him.
      Oooh, I wouldn’t like to mess up with your mum like that. 😀 I hope the consequences weren’t too awful for you.

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