Question of the day (20th March).

Let’s say the pandemic is over, or that it is not going to do any harm to anyone, and you’re coming to mine for dinner and I ask you to bring dessert, what do you bring?

My answer:

If I were to come to any of you, I think I would bring a proper Polish yeast cake. Either with apples, or plums, or raspberries, or walnuts, or whatever we’d want in it. If I had to decide on something less laborious and easier to make I think it would be chocolate muffins.

You? šŸ™‚

16 thoughts on “Question of the day (20th March).”

  1. Yummy!! Yes, please come and bring those desserts!!

    I’ll bring you some delicious strawberry pie. It has a crust, and then strawberries in a strawberry-flavored glaze, and whipped cream is optional (I don’t like it on mine). There will also be a cookie cake with a rainbow on it in icing. YAY!!

    I used to get that strawberry pie at the long-line restaurant in Indiana, and also at the short-line restaurant. They were both cafeterias that we gave cute names to based on the wait times. šŸ˜€ I’d also get fried chicken, corn, and a roll or biscuit. Yummy! We’d go there with Granny Franny!!

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  2. Chocolate lava cake with “rum and raisin” ice cream! Though Meg’s pie sounds absolutely DIVINE. I haven’t had a good pie in forever. I like one with shortcrust pastry, but the lighter flakier puff pastry is a lot more common where I live.

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