Question of the day (16th March).

Hey guys! 🙂

Did you like doing science projects, as a kid?

My answer:

I think it depended what it was about. Some of them were interesting, some not at all. But overall I think I couldn’t say I either loved them, or particularly hated, as I was rather neutral about science subjects in general, except for physics which involved too much math for me to be able to like it. Olek really liked science projects though, and he still has a whole book about chemical experiments that he got as a child. He’s no longer as wildly into it, but he used to, especially if it involved explosions or gross smells of any kind, or stuff like that. 😀 That sounds rather geeky, but overall, apart from that one thing, you couldn’t describe him as a geek or nerd, haha.

How about you? 🙂

12 thoughts on “Question of the day (16th March).”

  1. I WOULD have, had they offered them back then. Ice Age time frame, remember 😉 😛 In Utah in the 60s and 70s, little girls were being taught to cook and sew, and be future wives, not encouraged to use their brains for much (IMHO and not underplaying the serious job being a housewife IS). In High School I took physiology (human anatomy plus basic science) and I LOVED it.

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  2. Well, no, I always dreaded the science fair, when you’d have to make a volcano, or that sort of thing. Science absolutely is NOT my subject, but I think it’s cool that your brother liked to mix things!! Geek out, I say!!

    However, when I took chemistry in tenth grade, a few things turned around for me. First of all, chemistry is the most math-based science, so I was able to do much better at it. (I love math!) Second, the Bunsen burners, oh my. Lighting them helped me overcome my fear of fire. It was my dad’s idea for me to use wooden matches rather than cardboard ones, and so I was able to light the burner! Go me. After that point, doing chemistry mixing and stuff at the Bunsen burner became fun! Wow!

    But yeah, I always hated having to do science projects at home!! UGH.

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    1. I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about volcanos and all that geological stuff at science either, it always felt rather dull to me. But, despite my math issues, I did like those aspects of chemistry that didn’t involve too much of it.

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  3. Not as a kid. I was too sure I was not smart enough to “do science”. Later I discovered there were technical things that I was very good at and even became a university extension program instructor to develop and teach computer science courses. Here, I thrived and my classes were very popular. In that role, I grew to love the sciences I could understand.

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