Saturday Share-Is It Just The Blues or Do You Need Mental Health Help? (edited)

This is such a very relatable post to me, and I think could be for many others, so I’m sharing it with you guys.
Morgueticia shares her experience with mental health conditions that she lives with, what they feel like, and explains in a very relatable way the differences between the normal blues, and a mood disorder.

Take a Ride on My Mood Swing

Today is Saturday Share on the blogger community and I want to share this post again. It has been edited and shortened to make it a less long and winded read so if you skipped it the first time around,please take a look and visit the community.

I could bore everyone with the standard issue list of mental health symptoms that indicate something may be very wrong but anyone with internet access can Google that stuff. If you would prefer an actual website, I trust web MD and the information can be found there I’d like to put my own personal spin on this as a person with multiple mental health diagnose and a treatment file so thick it could be a collegiate dictionary. Only those who have walked in your shoes can truly know what it is like, right?

First, let’s cover what entails a case of ‘the blues’…

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