Question of the day.

Hey guys! šŸ™‚

If you could choose a job that’s impossible for you to have (because of a disability/condition you have, lack of some necessary traits/qualities, your location, because it doesn’t exist anymore, because you’re too old etc. etc.), which one would it be?

My answer:

I think I could come up with more, as I like to dream of having all sorts of lives, both such that I would seriously like to live or not necessarily, just so that my perspective is richer and life is more interesting, but a job that I’ve always wanted to have and it’s highly unlikely I’d ever be able to have is to be a neurosurgeon. As many of you may know, I’m very much into human brain and a lot of things that have to do with it, and have been since many years. What first made me think of that I would really like to be a neurosurgeon were conversations with my horse riding instructor – who is also a neurologist and anaesthesiologist by profession at the same time – that I’ve had about all things brain related since about when I was 11. Also around that time, but I guess coincidentally and without the connection to my conversations with the horse riding instructor, I started to read books on human brain, and one that I remember particularly vividly from that time was a book by Jurgen Thorwald, its original is in German, I read it in Polish of course but I can’t find the English title, the Polish title would translate to “The Fragile House of the Soul” and it was about the history of brain surgery. It was a bit scary for me back then, but despite that, incredibly fascinating. While neurobiology and neuroscience are also fascinating, I think I’d enjoy it more to be a neurosurgeon than just neuroscientist as it would be less dry, though I guess I could as well be both. As I said though, naturally, it’s quite unlikely I’d be able to become a neurosurgeon in this life, first and foremost because I am blind, so that would be quite a disaster if I started to play around with people’s brains and people who already have some problems with their brains to begin with. šŸ˜€ Theoretically, my optic nerve could suddenly get stimulated or something and develop, though chances for that aren’t high and these days I’d probably not learn to actually see properly even if it would be fully developed, and I’m not quite sure I’d seriously like that to happen to me, even though a lot of people think it’s my biggest dream to be able to see even a little bit. I think that would be hugely shocking for a congenitally blind person, if not traumatising. But even if that happened to me and I would be able to learn how to use my sight properly, I’m still not sure I’d be the right fit for a neurosurgeon realistically, as my fine motor skills and coordination are both quite messed up, and while it could be influenced more or less by blindness, it’s not wholly caused by it as such so that would not go away miraculously. Oh, and obviously I’d have to redo my math finals to be able to study medicine, and being able to see would probably not make my math issues go away. šŸ˜€ But I was never frustrated that I can’t be a neurosurgeon or anything like that. It was always a bit of a pity for me, but not like I would feel really awful or imbittered about it, because I knew from the beginning it would have to stay in the sphere of my dreams.

What would that job be for you? šŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

  1. Honestly…I’d like to be a barteder. I just can’t pull of the memory or ability to balance and carry things or handle money or tolerate crowds and noise. But it’s good money at some places and being paid to listen to music basically the whole night would be cool.
    I know, I was supposed to say rocket scientist or something but my goals have always been humble.

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  2. Ooh, a brain surgeon! That would be so awesome!!

    Hmm… I’d love to work at residential treatment facilities for mentally ill and/or abused kids and teens. It’s meaningful work, but it overtaxes me. I was doing okay at my last location here in Louisville, where I was working nights alone on a unit and then doing morning routine for about half the kids (the other half had different school routines and woke up later). It pretty much maxed out what I was capable of. But then, my employers started demanding that I work all sorts of extra shifts–back-to-back third and first shifts, and then second shift and third shift the very next day; and I couldn’t remotely cope. It’s too bad. The job might’ve worked out otherwise. Although I’m guessing it probably wouldn’t have. It just stretches me to the limit of coping, and I have no upper body strength for self-defense/restraint.

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  3. I’d like to do recycling, in the sense of being like an angel/dakini and be able to give real good and real help to those who need it, and to move the badguys along by giving them profound insight and compassion. Other jobs might be fun too.

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