Question of the day (10th March).

What matters to you more: being successful at work or being part of a loving relationship/family and why?

My answer:

It’s kind of hard to say for me, because although I have a job, I can’t say I’m either particularly successful or not successful, mostly because the range of my duties is rather narrow, and so is my work experience as I haven’t worked in any other job than I do now, and it’s unlikely I’ll have a chance to work anywhere else, or even if so, it would probably be in a similar way. Also, while I do have a loving family, I haven’t been in any romantic relationship (unless you count Misha) and it’s not likely to change any time soon which is fine by me, so I have no experience in that either and it’s a bit hard for me to imagine myself being either successful at work or having a family of my own, like, one that I would have started, whether loving or not.

But I really value the fact that I have a good relationship with my immediate family – parents, siblings, or at least Sofi, and Misha – and I think that would always be more important to me than any job accomplishments I could achieve, even if I really liked my job and it would be really satisfying for me financially.

How about you? πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “Question of the day (10th March).”

  1. That’s a great question! I value relationships above all other things, and I certainly count friends (shout-out!) as well as family members. I’m sad that I don’t have a significant other, but I’m trying to leave it up to fate, since I believe in soulmates, and all that. It’s much more important to me than success, although I used to feel horrible pressure to be successful (by working full time and thus being self-sufficient). That pressure nearly destroyed me, so I woke up one day and wrote it off. Bye bye, pressure! Hello, restored sanity.

    Yeah, I tend to believe that relationships can be taken with us to the next world. Or, like, you die and go to the spirit world between lives, and people who mattered to you are glad to see you and welcome you. That, like, relationships can last literally forever. I never take relationships for granted, nor do I just discard them without a darned good reason. I value people so much, and they mean the world to me!!

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    1. My friends are surely more important than success to me as well, and it is a very good point that our friendships and relationships go on in the other world as well just like here, while work success not necessarily, I don’t think that would matter in our next lives or not as much anyway.

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  2. As I am on disability, I guess it’s pretty important to me that at least my writing is well done or well ranted.
    As for my crazy family, that’s just a big nope.
    My priority is being a good mom to my daughter. Beyond that, I’m good with being mediocre. πŸ˜‰

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  3. Both in a sense–it doesn’t seem either/or to have work or activities that are healthy, plus beings who love you–when I have been out of work plus not doing personal projects, it has messed me up, and when I have been too isolated it has also messed me up.

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  4. I don’t have a job and never did, but back when I was in college, I definitely valued success at work over relationships. Things have moved to the other side lately, as I am not successful at work like I said and do have a loving husband. Then again, I do value success as a blogger, maybe a little too much so for someone who’s a personal blogger.

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  5. I was reasonably successful in my previous job but it was pretty soul destroying and I was very unhappy there, but in my new job I also seem to be reasonably successful and I’m enjoying it a lot, so maybe I do value that on some level?

    I don’t have any romantic relationships at the moment (and I’m not looking for it…) but I have a very strong relationship with my mum and my sister and I value that a lot.

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