Question of the day.

Hey people! 🙂

My question for you today is:

What’s your favourite cold drink?

My answer:

Kefir, kefir, kefir, and more kefir! I love kefir!!! It’s my favourite drink. If I don’t have kefir, or if it doesn’t go with whatever I’m eating at the moment, I also love orange juice and Pepsi and chocolate flavoured milkshakes, though the latter definitely not too often because it’s so sweet and I just like to have it once in a while. And I drink a lot of water too, not because of any lifestyle/wellness thing and that it’s getting so trendy and everyone is trying to drink more water even those who don’t like it but simply because I’ve just always liked water, and I’m lucky that we have good enough here that I can drink tap water.


24 thoughts on “Question of the day.”

      1. They say it’s the caffeine you get hooked on but for me I don’t think that is the case. The British Blend Tetley tea I use has caffeine but by day 3 without a soda, it’s like….must…have…carbonation….I’m addicted to fizzy bubbles 😛

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  1. I get dehydrated trying to get by on water alone! I used to drink 64 ounces of Gatorade each day to avoid dehydration. That equated to roughly 100 grams of sugar intake, which concerned me, because type-2 diabetes runs in my family (for family members who used to subsist on soft drinks). So I discovered that I like John Conti restaurant tea, which my dad buys for me by the gallon (and he also brings me regular to-go cups of tea from the restaurants he frequents–he eats out twice a day). I take that unsweet tea and add a touch of monin flavor syrup to it, which equates to around eight grams of sugar per cup. If I drink four cups a day, I guess that’s around 32 grams of sugar? That’s easier to live with, and I no longer worry about getting diabetes!!

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  2. Water! Other than that, I love Crystal Clear, which is a non-carbonated, light soft drink.

    As for drinking tap water, here in the Netherlands I don’t think there’s a place where you cannot drink straight from the tap. I mean, in Rotterdam, they add chloride to the water, but it’s still safe to drink and you can only smell/taste it if you’re not used to it. Still, I’m glad I live in an area where this isn’t needed now. I remember when going to Russia in 2000 that you couldn’t drink tap water anywhere and that bafffled me.

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    1. I grew up in a place where there was no problem with drinking tap water, but in some, particularly more urban, areas it was apparently unhealthy to do that, and in some still is, and it baffled me too when I went to school and it turned out drinking from the tap is very wrong. Now it seems to be much less of a problem though than it used to be, but still, despite apparently no longer being that unhealthy, water can taste gross in many places here.

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