Question of the day (5th March).

Hi people! πŸ™‚

Would you rather live underwater or in space? Why?

My answer:

Definitely underwater! I’m just not that interested in space at all, I don’t find anything particularly appealing about it to be honest and there are much more things about it that we don’t know than we do, I wouldn’t like to live in such a place. But I love the sea and being in it, even though I can’t really swim that well. When I was younger, one of my imaginary worlds was underwater, it was very fairytale-like with a lot of folklore motives, there were sea people in it, and sometimes they could appear to people if they believed that they existed or if they felt like someone needs their help. There was like a whole family of those sea people and they had different powers and different ways to help people, different personalities, attributes and stuff, I loved them, there were also many secondary characters. They could also show themselves to people in other bodies of water but their main residence were seas and oceans. You could call them when you were by a body of water and felt unhappy and focused hard enough on that you wanted to call them, and then if they felt that was necessary – or rather the father of that family did, who was also the ruler of the seas and I originally called him Akrofil just because I liked the sound of it, but then renamed him to Magnus because AKrofil sounded too much like some kind of a pervert, I guess there actually is such a thing as acrophilia though I have no idea what it’s about πŸ˜€ – they could take you to their world, usually just for a while, so that you could have a break from your actual life and world but it felt like a really long time and during that time you could do lots of fun things in that world and they would discuss how they can help you. – They had a castle there, and it was very beautiful inside of it. Whatever they would decide to do specifically for you in the end, you would always also get a special, huge sapphire ball with which you could call them and ask them to do something for you that they could do, not just on your whim but when you felt really unhappy or couldn’t cope with something, they could take you back to their castle or make you invisible or do something to other people if they were bad to you or influence people, like tell them what they shoould do, or just comfort you or whatever and you didn’t have to be by the water to use the ball. It was as you can guess my way of coping with things and I had many such imaginary worlds and a whole Brainworld of them, and I still do, though that one, although it existed for a very long time, as well as many others, doesn’t really exist any longer or isn’t so grandiose any more, most of the time I have a hard time seeing it or accessing it. Nowadays I only have three imaginary worlds in my Brainworld but it used to be many more and there were really complex structures that I could build but usually didn’t really have to think hard or very consciously about it, a lot of that happened very much spontaneously as long as I had some concept to begin with that it could be based on, and I loved it, there were worlds, and then sometimes worlds in worlds or other such creations and now I don’t really get how I was able to manage all that and have some control over it and not get drowned in all of that even though it wasn’t that long ago. I really loved them all and they really helped me or simply made my life more interesting. Most of them had also faded quite spontaneously, because I either grew out of them at some point or didn’t need them any more and started to forget about them. But I’ve always loved Magnus’ kingdom and found it fascinating and so I think I would like to live underwater, as long as I could actually survive there.

How about you? πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “Question of the day (5th March).”

  1. I completely agree with living underwater. It would be so magical!! But living in space could also be magical if there was a giant spaceship involved! Like a cruise ship, but in space!!

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  2. Underwater. Imp, me, and Spook are searching for a 3 breasted alien shark. (Inside joke, don’t ask.) But I’ve always loved swimming so yeah, water. My brain is spacy enough.

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  3. I think I want to live in Space.

    Acrophilia – a love of heights and high things and climbing. And of getting high.

    Your underworld reminds me so much of THE WATER BABIES and THE LITTLE MERMAID [movie version] – Magnus in particular reminds me a lot of Triton.

    If they showed themselves to people in other bodies of water … and if they appeared to People who Need Them … then it is possible they were around to other sympathetic imagineers/worldbuilders.

    Then I am thinking of THE WOOD BETWEEN THE WORLDS in Narnia’s MAGICIAN’S NEPHEW.

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    1. Thanks, it makes sense and I wonder why it didn’t click in my brain, as there is acrophobia and I knew what that was. Interesting that someone could be into heights so much.
      Oh yeah, I can see the connections between my underwater world and those works, though I wasn’t inspired with them as far as I remember or not consciously at least, mostly just with traditional fairytales from different countries that I read, I suppose. I’m pretty sure they would be sympathetic and friendly to other imagineers as well, and those who like the sea or feel connected to it strongly.

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